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Buying a gift for a friend or family member who has just moved into a new home can be tricky - it's important to choose something that perfectly fits their personality and aesthetic, otherwise it's going to get stowed away into the 'overflow' closet, never to be seen again. Discern's gift guide segments signature home products into the various spaces of a home to help you decide how you can buy gifts and discover decor pieces that will turn your friend’s new rental into a beautiful home.

Dinning Panel new.jpg

Wining and Dining
The process of gifting should be an enjoyable one. We suggest you start by knowing what your friend loves and needs for their new home. Get this set of chestnut salad servers for a friend who loves to cook, and you’re guaranteed a place at their table for a scrumptious Sunday brunch. This cakestand with a wooden finish is a thoughtful gift for the couple who loves to entertain. These glasses in a pastel mint hue are designed to match all tableware and are a great addition to a table used to serving fancy cocktails. An essential for a new home that will house a bar, the brass measuring peg gift is so elegant that the homeowners will be compelled to throw in more drinks and dinner parties than usual. The brass stand will add a touch of easy glamour to a breakfast table. It can also serve the dual purpose of a desk accessory for stationery, or filing letters.

1. Brass Measuring Peg
2. Chestnut Salad Servers
3. Mint Cutwork Glasses
4. Rustic Cakestand
5. Brass Breakfast Stand

 Fragrance Panel_0.jpg

Candles and Fragrance
Fragrance is a beautiful thing, and picking the right one as your gift will ensure your giftee thinks of you every time they get a waft of the special scent. Pick two or all of the above and create a hamper overflowing with a multitude of lovely scents. The ruby Votive and the Poppy Candle in chintz print are a well-coordinated combination that will pair well as a gift. You can also fill the votive with some scented potpourri to further the fragrance theme. Throw in the white ceramic reed diffuser and this green lily jar to add some floral charm to your gift hamper.

1. V&A Poppy Candle
2. Marigold Votive Ruby
3. Green Lily Jar
4. White Ceramic Diffuser

 Cofee Table Panel.jpg 

Kitchen Aid
Jazz up your giftee's new kitchen with fun accessories that will add a touch of whimsy. Break away from ceramic and choose this pair of ‘his’ and ‘her’ copper mugs instead; pair them with the rustic wooden square tray with a touch of 
bling around the handles. This glass tea pot with filter is a welcome addition to tea time, and the silver square tissue holder can easily hold paper towel squares or napkins for kitchen mop-ups.

1. Her Copper Mug
2. Him Copper Mug
3. Silver Tissue Holder

Dresser Panel.jpg

Dresser Display
How about gifting accessories for a friend’s dresser? This gold display stand for jewellery adds a touch of Art Deco while neatly holding the ornaments. The pewter tray, which could traditionally be thought of as a dining table accessory, will work charmingly instead as a place for a lady to store her perfume bottles. The teak table mirror is a glamorous addition to primping, as is the votive which can be placed on the wall near the dresser for added sophistication. 

1. Teak Table Mirror
2. Gold Jewellery Stand
3. Minimal Left Branch Votive
4. Hammered Pewter Tray

While buying gifts for a new home, it is best to choose neutral yet striking pieces that can fit into any decor theme — be it classic, contemporary, or modern. Your gifts should not only enhance the aesthetics of a home but also be an integral part of it.


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