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“Bohemian Beautiful”, yup beautiful, not Rhapsody. Just like Queen came up with Bohemian Rhapsody, we came up with our very own Bohemian Beautiful. But what is Bohemian Beautiful? Well, it’s a little bit of everything. It is a little bit traditions, trendy, old school, modern, and classy. It’s the perfect blend of today and yesterday. This style is mainly for people who enjoy a mix of everything (Or who cannot decide their mind on which style or look suits them best. LOL) For those who are not very inclined to the look, we would still suggest you read on because some ideas might interest you. In our Bohemian Beautiful, we have used some nice dark shades of colours. There is an excessive use of black, brown, grey and blue. But the use of these colours does not make the room seem darker.

Bohemian Beautiful

Shop The Look - Bohemian Beautiful

The one thing that brings about a soothing effect even with the dark colours is the plain white brick wall in the background. In today’s city homes, getting a brick wall like that is hard to find. Instead you can always substitute it with a light coloured chair or sofa set. We have a good option for a light coloured sofa set. The Sydney Sofa 3 Seater is perfect to help balance the colour combination of the room.

Sydney Sofa - Three Seater - Camel

Sydney Sofa - Three Seater - Camel - Shop Now 

Wood enhances the Bohemian look that you are aiming for in your room. Wooden chairs might look a bit out of place in a comfortable living room, and frankly may even be uncomfortable. Hence, a wooden coffee table would be perfect for this situation. The wood of the centre table of the room should be just the right colour, not too dark and not too light, but at the same genuine. Finding a table like that is hard, but lucky for you we have options for you on our site. Our Ancona Coffee Table made out of Mahogany wood is perfect for a Bohemian Beautiful look. The table is also available in a lighter shade if that is what you prefer.

Ancona Coffee Table - Natural

Ancona Coffee Table - Natural - Shop Now 

The rug you place in your room has to be in keeping with the dark shades of the other furniture items. Hence, we suggest  Central Park Geometric Sage rug to help bring out the Bohemian look. The mix of black and white brings a balance in the room. The rug is more than just a floor cover but a knot to tie the entire room together.

Central Park Geometric Sage

Central Park Geometric Sage - Shop Now 


The icing on the top is the décor that makes it look truly Bohemian. The lamps and the mirrors in the room enhance the theme of the room. The Crackle Wall Mirror makes the room look larger and is in keeping with the colour combination of the room. This would be perfect for a Bohemian style room, but these mirrors would also look good in most themes, Bohemian or not. The lampshades used are also a mixture of dark and light. The base is dark and the shade is light. Just like the mirrors, this could also be used in other settings, as and when you wish.

Crackle Wall Mirror

Crackle Wall Mirror - Shop Now 

Curved Vase Base Table Lamp

Curved Vase Base Table Lamp - Shop Now

Bohemian Beautiful is not a look for everyone, either you love it or are not very inclined to it. The beauty of it is that everyone can learn something from it and use it in their own style at home. Try out the style today!


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