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The Discern Design Studio is constantly creating highly realistic, 3D renders of interiors, inspired by the Discern Style Guide, that has identified 16 proprietary Looks based on different style periods and decor techniques, through the years. Here, the team of designers decided to focus on a 'mancave' - an increasingly popular room in the home (or a style of living for single men) that becomes a sanctuary of sorts for the man of the house! The thought behind the design of this Modern Mancave was to create a plush setting with luxurious accents. From the furniture to the lights, and from the rug to the decorative accessories, every single item was carefully chosen to ensure a sophisticatedly masculine vibe. A color palette of browns and blues was deliberately chosen to reflect that this is a man's domain, while the metallic accessories provide a sense of laid-back luxe. 

Our design team envisioned this space for a young, single man living alone, who likes to entertain and be social. This living room creates the perfect atmosphere - it invites group activities from lounging to watching a favorite sport or a movie, or just for unwinding. That therefore meant that the space had to be designed to have enough seating to comfortably accommodate many people.

The design style we chose for this living room is Trendy Industrial - a space that exudes a subtly rugged feel with clean lines and a lack of frivolity. We chose furniture that looks good, yet offers great functionality - perfect for a man who appreciates aesthetics, but is still low-maintenance and wants his home to reflect the same.  

The Industrial Style of decor features pieces re-purposed with distressed wood, iron and oxidised metal patinas that create a casually stylish aesthetic. Exposed brickwork, deliberately peeling paint, exposed ducts and filament bulbs are common features used in spaces that reference this aesthetic.

Our design team took the laid-back vibe of a frat house as inspiration, and intertwined it with the classiness of a young aesthete's domain. The color palette was chosen keeping in mind shades that are common to the Industrial Design Style. 

The light grey oak flooring acts as a complementary foil to the dark furniture. Likewise, we selected Pantone's 'Cement' shade, an off-white hue for the ceiling that is neutral, but still interesting enough to encourage eyes to travel upwards. To make the room fun and sporty, we added the foosball table.

We chose the Button Modular Sofa Grey as it provides a sense of class and comfort to the room. It is contemporary in style, made from solid wood and plywood, and is upholstered.

Button Modular Sofa Grey

Button Modular Sofa Grey - Shop Now

The hand tufted blue wool acura rug from The Rug Republic made from wool and hand tufted in rural India. This rug is inspired by Sanchez's paintings, which capture a moody vibe and an organic, optimistic spirit. We chose a rug in blue tones, as we thought it was a perfect shade for this modern mancave.

Hand Tufted Blue Wool Acura Rug

Hand Tufted Blue Wool Acura Rug - Shop Now

The Geometric Black Framed Analogue Wall Clock from SEJ by Nisha Gupta is made of solid iron. An eye-catching clock with a vintage feel, it stands out as a highlight decor piece for the living room. 

Geometric Black Framed Analogue Wall Clock

Geometric Black Framed Analogue Wall Clock - Shop Now

The Visalia Bed Side Table from The Armchair is contemporary in style and made from solid metal (iron), enhanced by a powder coating. We wanted a side table that stood out from the standard ones available in the market, and this turned out to be the perfect choice. The geometric design style is ideal for a masculine space, yet attractive enough to be appreciated by any guest. 
 Visalia Bed Side Table - Small

Visalia Bed Side Table - Small - Shop Now

This color palette (left to right) features Pantone Shades: Midnight Black, Slate, Lake, and Cement. It features strong colors which must be used wisely, is moody broody and suits the Industrial design style perfectly. 


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