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Lynda D'souza, a Canada-based interior designer, gives us tips on how to stylishly incorporate shades of grey into our homes. D'Souza's firm Wilde North Interiors, founded by her and Dhiraj D'souza, projects grey as a color that will make waves in the world of interiors this year. As it is a sombre color, it is bound to automatically appeal to a more mature audience. Here's what the interior designer has to say on how to introduce the color into your home. 

Tip 1: How would you use grey in a home?  
Grey is one of the most popular neutral colors for a home. The palette offers a variety of shades and tones, ranging from
 a cool, bluish grey to a warm taupe-like grey. Introducing grey into your home is fairly easy when it is paired with lighter colors like blush pink, mint green or white. Try injecting these punches of color through the artwork, cushions, drapery and rugs.
As pink is one of the Pantone colours of 2016 (Rose Quartz, to be more precise), it is already having its moment in the spotlight. While it may seem like a difficult color to bring into the home due to its reputation as an overtly girly shade, it works very well when paired with grey. A great example of this pairing is seen below, where the pink and peach is used sparingly in the wall decor, rugs and cushions, helping to turn this space into a
light-filled, cosy corner.

Patone Colours of 2016 - Rose Quartz
Picture Source

Room designed by Wilde North Interiors
Room designed by Wilde North Interiors

Using green accessories in a grey room is a great way to bring the outdoors inside. Here, varying shades of green have been used in one room, thereby unifying the space and injecting a botanical vibe. Since the colours are from the same shade family, they seamlessly blend with one other, creating a balanced space with a feeling of serenity.

Tip 2: How would you make grey appealing to a younger audience?
Grey can be perceived as a cold, or more mature color but today, many youngsters
 are opting for this color in their homes. Used in lighter tones it provides the perfect backdrop to a plethora of complimentary colours or patterns. To keep the room below looking light and bright, various shades of grey have been paired with white; adding subtle golden tones through the wood and flooring brings warmth to the room.


Here, we injected fun elements into the room to keep it from looking drab through the use of stripes, pink gingham, plaid, and florals. This room was designed for a young family that gets together to watch their favourite TV shows; the comfortable grey couch and swivel chairs allow for just that.

Today, grey is also a popular choice for nurseries. Being a neutral color, it is the perfect backdrop when paired with other light colors and prints. Here, the textured accessories and light-toned birch elements create a beautiful, airy and whimsical nursery for either a baby girl or baby boy.



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