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The modernist design movement flourished in the 20th century. The Modern Contemporary style of decor is so named because it was influenced by the modernist movement, and refers to furniture designs created during that time, in the 20th and 21st centuries. Influenced by minimalism, this style uses materials such as glass, high-gloss polish lacquers, copper, brass and electro-plating techniques. All these elements come together to create a contemporary whole: crisp lines, pronounced edges and smooth textures, which are the main distinguishers of the clutter-free approach to this style.

Do you like the sound of that? Discern has put together three moodboards, specifically inspired by the modern-contemporary style, to show you how you can incorporate the look into your home in a few, easy steps. Here's how:


Contemporary minimal


Minimal Scandinavian
Polished marble and a modish
 art form inspire this backdrop, complemented by a palette of soft pastels. The geometric patterned rug accentuates the light shades used, while the contemporary mix of patterned, coloured cushions – chevron, stripes and aqua – creates a range of hues in an otherwise neutral setting. A solid, wooden chopping board (which can also be used imaginatively as a cheese plate!) combined with wooden cutlery fit in naturally with the Scandinavian style of rustic decor for your dining table or kitchen. By including a shade of green and showing off the wood, the emphasis is on staying close to nature, at home.

Shop the Look
1. Fabuliveloy Wooden Chopping Board
2. Minimal Mint Throw Pillow Cover

3. Woods Abstract Throw Pillow Cover
4. Classic Chevron Throw Pillow Cover
5. Chekmate Rug
6. Handz Scandinavian Style Harlequin Geometric Pattern


Monochromatic muse


Monochromatic Muse
Plain yet classy, white is one of those colours that seem to never stop trending. A living room is a good place to begin experimenting with white. You can start by introducing small touches of the shade: these tile coasters for your coffee table, or the marble clock for your
wall are good examples. The chevron cushion is another great addition, both because the print is considered highly stylish right now, and its neutral colour palette perfectly fits our moodboard. We love this black and white polka dot print wallpaper as it is playful and unexpected. The mid-century style suggests adding accents to your table; try this in your home with this gold-rimmed plate. It adds a dash of glam but remains understated. Dabs of colour will never look overdone - this Reindeer head fits the bill and will be a great highlight for your wall. Further the same pattern story by investing in napkins in a similar print. Top up this look by bringing in nature's freshness - terrariums for a table top is a good way to achieve this.
Shop the Look

1. Dasher Reindeer Trophy Head
2. Bombay Dyeing Geometric White Gray Cushion
3. Tickled Pink Roses Napkin
4. Lazzaro Regal Dinner Set
5. Peggy by Mini Moderns


prints and patterns


Prints and Patterns 
Bring home patterns that are in vogue in the form of wallpapers and fabrics – they are a good way to give your home a contemporary touch without making too many changes to the design of your space. Our interior designers are currently crushing on digital prints, geometrics, damasks and abstracts in neutral shades. Mix and match these patterns for different areas of your home. We recommend here a few geometric prints – the wood panelled wallpaper in grey and pink would work wonderfully for your bedroom; the burgundy wallpaper will create a delightful statement in your living room; and the soft grey Serika wallpaper is our favorite for a hallway or lobby space. Introduce prints in small ways, in the form of linen - this linen cushion will add a sense of casual luxury to your living room while the pink dotted napkins fit in seamlessly with this colour scheme. Don’t always choose to match – contrast with darker shades. A good example in this moodboard is the contrast between the floral art on the plate for instance, and the dark purple napkin ring that accompanies the napkins. The Eiffel Tower memento adds a quirky touch to the otherwise neutral look. 

Shop the Look
1. Vertex by Albany
2. Geometric Wood Panelling by Albany
3. Serika by Albany
4. La Tour Eiffel
5. Vembanad Printed Cloth Napkin
6. Check Linen Cushion

What's your decor style? If you haven't found it already, head over to the Discern Style Guide to learn more and get inspired! From the above shop-the-look moodboards, do let us know which one you like best, on Twitter and Instagram @DiscernLiving.


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