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We all know that colours can make space come alive. But before we get started on giving you our recommendations for how to introduce colours into your spaces (home, office, etc), we should stop to ask a basic question: What is the best colour to choose Very often, we end up selecting colours because we are drawn to them, not because they're necessarily the best shade to complement our decor or an already-existing colour palette in the home. Therefore, it is always best to plan your home decor, starting with a colour theme first, followed by a focus on textures, prints, lighting and more. Here are three mood boards that we've specially designed for you, which will help you dress up your home in beautiful shades.

Aqua and Brown 
A room decorated in a single shade may look monotonous when not done up thoughtfully and with innovation. We recommend using tints and shades of the same colour palette to create a seamless flow in the room. The shades of aqua and teal we've chosen for the living room area are not only pleasant and inviting but also bring to space the serenity we tend to associate with nature. We've kept the walls white to balance out the blues. Dark wood furniture perfectly offsets the bright blue shades and brings a further sense of warmth into the room. Don't be afraid to use other colours as well - keep aqua and brown the main shades, and then add other, complementary colours, for a sense of cohesiveness. 
ethnic dining room decor ideas
Ethnic Dine - Shop the Look
Pastel Hues
Pastel hues - especially blues and pinks - are always fun to experiment with, because they can be used in any setting, and are appropriate for both men and women alike. When making use of these shades, it is best to focus on one as a dominant hue, for the sake of stability, and then mix and match it with other shades, to create excitement. The pastel teal Vivien Loveseat is the dominant colour in the set below. It is in sync with the shades of blue in the painting - another focal point of the colourful, versatile decor in the room - as well as with the patterned cushions. The white coffee table adds a subtle sense of balance within the vividly decorated space. 
living room decor ideas
Rosy Pink Living Room - Shop the Look
Fluorescent Rush
The most vivid palette amongst the three, our Fluorescent Rush mood board introduces an energetic buzz into a room. Fluorescent colours are known to make a statement; the rust Calisto Wing Chair set against the eclectic coffee table in a combination of neon and walnut are statement pieces that add an eye-catching jolt to the room. The vibrant artwork livens up the wall with bright colours, while the pearl white sofa adds a sense of the neutral to the space. A set of table lamps, resplendent in pink, and the neon jaali hanging lamp add more colour while enhancing the mood lighting of this space. 
asian living room decor ideas
Asian Living Room - Shop the Look
We hope our mood boards inspire you to begin weaving your own, unique colour story into your home. Get in touch with us today for our interior design services in Mumbai and Pune.


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