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If you've chosen to create a home office, you should be sure to put a lot of thought and detail into its design. These are important elements that will make the space actually feel like an office, and enhance your productivity. The ethnic design our Design Studio decided to create here is both dynamic and lively, making it a great choice for those who conduct family businesses or gravitate toward a more traditional decor style.

The ethnic design is not limited to a specific time period but is defined by geography. This style involves a high level of local craftsmanship and celebrates Indian heritage and arts and crafts. Woodwork is one of the cornerstones of Indian design and was highly respected and flourished under the Mughal rule. This makes wooden crafts an important component of ethnic style. There are different styles of woodwork across India, however, here we have focused on the more Rajasthani style which is versatile yet traditional at the same time and will definitely upgrade your home office decor

Intricate carvings and textures in this room bring the space to life. A carved screen uses a style of Rajasthani woodwork which adds depth to a flat surface. The hand-crafted panel is a beautiful decor statement while providing the added utility of serving as a partition to cordon off parts of the room, for further privacy. Whether you have a large or small space, we’ve developed a design that will be appropriate for even the tiniest space. You will find a lot of wood, metal and fabric here with the occasional touch of leather to create some drama. We’ve chosen Pantone shades Tapenade, Russet, Crème Brulee and Stormy Weather to create a warm and earthy feeling, reminiscent of an Indian summer. N

eutral shades like brown, beige, olive, ocher and orange, help to create a harmonious and pleasurable workspace.

The idea was to design a space that would provide the comforts of home with the functionality of an office. For this reason, natural light is a must, and essential for any workspace. Natural light in a functional space helps motivate, energize and revitalize.

Indian crafts are known to be some of the most sought-after in the world and were highly valued by royal families of India. Embrace this spirit with regal-looking ornamentation and vibrant colours. The sideboard was a natural pick for this space, as it displays impeccable craftsmanship and textures of metal and wood. Within it you will find plenty of hidden storage to keep the room looking neat and tidy.

To avoid making the room looking too full and therefore distracting, all the silhouettes remain consistent with the ethnic decor via neutral colours used for the soft furnishings, accessories and wall finishes. This complements the shade on the ceiling and the walls, Pantone's Crème Brulee, which give the room a warm feel. To keep with the theme of a simple and classy space, we chose furniture to match, such as the Prague Study Table which is made from solid mango tree wood. It serves as the focal point of the room with its statement-making design.

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