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In 2021, the importance of making your home your own has never been more felt or realised. Home has come to mean a variety of things, especially the shift to being a multifaceted space of personal, work and play. This singular focus is being reflected in the upcoming interior design ideas of 2021. Here’s a roundup of the top ones - 

ethnic-living-room ethnic-middle-eastern living-room

Ethnic Living Room - Shop this look

Functional warmth and comfort
For the better part of last year, we were confined indoors, making us seek solace inwards and taking that time off to introspect. Those very same reflections are all set to be projected outwards. Our survival must be celebrated and edified in the form of comforting choices. If the colour trends of the year are anything to go by, tranquil and modern colours such as Aegean Teal are much sought after. 
The aim is to make your home décor ideas more inviting. Functional comfort is especially in demand. Luckily, Discern Living has just the right mix of furniture solutions that can make you curl up and simply relax!
magnetic-marrakesh ethnic-middle-eastern living-room
Comforting Tranquil Spaces - Shop this look
Eden Accent Chair - Tan
Eden Accent Chair - Tan - Shop Now
The choice between wallpaper and paint
In the cocoons of our home, there is this yearning to inject more personality and style. The simplest way to go about it is to dramatize your walls and voila, your home interiors liven up in an instant! Wallpaper, a key trend for 2021 is all set to get bolder and better. The latest trends are focused on using wallpaper more liberally, ranging from classic architectural designs to shockingly vibrant floral fiestas. Whereas when it comes to wall paint, dominating neutrals seems to be on its way out, instead being replaced by zesty and peppy bright shades.
Discern Living predicts: A dramatic shift has been observed for modular kitchen designs – people are opting for bold black tones over the conventional sedate white. Certainly, an uncommon choice in a country like ours.
Creating the perfect WFH setup
People are now looking towards maximizing their productivity from the confines of their home. It has become imperative to establish the perfect work from home setup. Interior design ideas  with a focus on ambience and mood are specifically being created to reflect one’s passions and aspirations. After all, who doesn’t love a cosy workspace that makes the prospect of work more exciting! 
Not forgetting those all-important virtual meetings, and the backdrop you portray. A well-hung artwork, a spot of green or an enviable bookshelf in the background can create a world of difference. 
Through all this, we, at Discern Living believe any corner of your home can be converted into an ideal workspace - all you need is a solid desk and an ergonomic chair supplemented by chic and classy furnishings.
Barcelona Study Table - Natural
Barcelona Study Table - Natural - Shop Now
Starburst Bookend - White
Starburst Bookend - White - Shop Now
Floating Pen Stand
Floating Pen Stand - Shop Now
Tiffin Towers
Tiffin Towers - Shop Now
Tangram Bookshelf
Tangram Bookshelf - Shop Now
Rise of the Grandmillennial Style
The Grandmillennial Style is a unique home décor idea that serves the best of both worlds – modern design and the classical form of design décor. Hearkening the past, this is a rising trend that evokes memories from your grandparents’ homes which includes floral wallpaper, antique paintings, delicate china and a vintage flair that lends magic to your home interiors. This Grandma chic décor trend has its roots in sustainability heavily leaning towards antiques and made to last pieces. 
a-classical-homage classic-european living-room
A Classical Homage - Shop this look
Embracing smart living
Technology cannot be left far behind. Demand for home automation has increased with the penetration of smart devices and affordable internet. Home spaces are practically being revolutionized. Smart home technology such as dishwashers, robotic vacuum cleaners or even remote commands be it music, TV, heating and cooling, lighting or security are in vogue nowadays.
Discern Living believes in constant innovation which is reflected in our designs as well.
modern-scandinavian-living-room modern-scandinavian living-room
Modern Scandinavian Living Room - Shop this look
Retro Black Spot Light
Retro Black Spot Light - Shop Now
Going Au Naturale
Sustainability is on everyone’s mind; more and more consumers are leaning towards quality pieces that last for years. Recreating a personal sanctuary at home with nature-based elements – materials with a more natural look is the in thing. 

There is also an essence of authenticity emerging in the form of natural textiles and patterns – that can lend a distinctive personality to your home interiors. For example, natural fiber rugs and stone artifacts.

Natural textiles and patterns

Taking a cue from the growing interest in gardening and green interiors, eco-friendly material like terracotta and clay shades is also going to be widely incorporated. House plants are the rage nowadays– from retro hanging creepers to beautiful blooms, there's a style out there for every home!

Handwoven Black And Pure Jute Planter- Set Of 3

Handwoven Black And Pure Jute Planter- Set Of 3 - Shop Now

All the more, people are turning to their homes as outlets for personalization, infusing elements that are unique and relatable. Fortunately for you, buying furniture online or home décor is just a click away at Discern Living. Indeed, this is the year where you get to rejoice and revel in all aspects of your home interiors.

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Straight up, no BS. Some hand picked products that we feel you’ll fall in love with. Correction, we know you’ll fall in love with.

Eden Accent Chair In Olive Leatherette Fabric With Natural Polish


Eden Accent Chair - Tan


Eden Accent Chair - Deep Blue


Barcelona Study Table - Natural

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