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When color authority Pantone anointed not one but two colors as the leading hues for 2016, this bold move - the first time the company has ever recommended two shades - piqued the curiosity of many. After 2015's choice of the strong and sexy Marsala, we were awed by the achingly sophisticated and eminently usable combination chosen by the color gurus for 2016. Here's how you can incorporate Rose Quartz and Serenity into your homes this year.

Both colors speak to the pastel-lovers within us, while reminding us of vintage furniture, the softest baby clothes and calming, minimalistic rooms. This is a great change from last year's boldly unapologetic shade, which gave home decor a modern sensibility. This year, these two colors transcend cultural and gender norms. Vivid yet calming, they give way to excitement and optimism though quiet stability prevails through this paletteIf these colors are too “fresh or sugary” for your home or your personal taste remember that they work wonderfully as accents – cushions, throws, linen, floor cushions, and accent furniture pieces. If you are keen on giving your look a vintage twist, then these colors work well; especially with classic and modern spaces, they highlight the shabby chic, transitional, mid-century and Scandinavian decor styles. 

The compassionate pale pink that is Rose Quartz, along with the airy and delicate nature of Serenity, together make for an impeccable combination one wouldn't mind being surrounded by all day. Treading a thin line between Cinderella’s fantasy and a modern man’s wardrobe, the hues appeal to both men and women. If the colors seem too 'soft,' add some geometry with chevron or hexagonal shapes to give your space a bit of an edge and definition. Other options are ombre or tie-dye which will spice things up. Rose Quartz with its soft, plush hues goes well with a black and white palette, to create a pop of surprise color that will still appeal to the men out there, without looking overly feminine. For the ladies, this shade can also work well with other warm colors, such as gold, shades of yellow, green and even purple, to help create a decidedly pretty room. The It colors of 2016 go really well with palettes that include mineral and metallic shades, and neutrals like white, grey and black. Remember to go bold by painting your wall or ceiling in these colors but keep your flooring neutral to hold the look together.

Colours image 02.jpg
1. Floral wallpaper 2. Jefferson Sofa  3. Pescara Peach Lamp Shade 4. Calmistry Pink ceramic lamp

Mix and match these lovely home decor items with blacks and greys for a fresh look this year.

Serenity borders somewhere between grey-ish and baby blue, making it a very versatile color that will appeal to both men and women. Paired with greys, dark blues and simple whites, it provides a crisp and calming aura, thereby making it a great choice for a home or even an office space.

Colours image 03.jpg
1. Ombre Blue Table Runner  2. Ombre Blue Kimberly Mat 3. Wallskin Trendy Pattern Blue Wallpaper
Here is Discern's suggested mood board to inspire you to incorporate the 2016 Pantone colors into your decor.
Colours image 04.jpg
Discern Tip: Mix and match the two shades to create looks that reflect your personality. Never try to match everything in the same hue; the idea is to contrast or compliment it. 



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