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Lighting can completely transform a room and add layers and depth to a space you didn’t think had much potential. Apart from the actual levels of lighting, the way we project that warmth, through chandeliers, wall lamps, table lamps or floor lighting, can be made much more interesting than one would imagine. This is exactly what got Sakshi and Saurabh Mittal curious enough to experiment, and try their own hand at the lighting business. While furnishing their newly constructed Delhi farmhouse, the couple found a huge void in the lighting space. The market was flooded with over the top, opulent chandeliers and very basic lamps, with not much in between. Sakshi and Saurabh were looking for conversation starters, not lights that would blend into the background. They wanted something that would immediately enhance the décor of a room. Being the second generation of a family that had spent 40 years in the electrical industry, Saurabh already had a connect to the industry and, buoyed by Sakshi's inherent interest as well, they, therefore, felt well-positioned to develop their passion for lighting further. 
Ivanka Lumeire
Opulent Collection

Ivanka Lumiere was born in 2015 as an alternative to the lighting options available in the market, and as a brand that finally satisfied the couple’s own quest for unique and interesting lighting. The Mittals began to create their own versions of chandeliers, pendants and wall lights made out of extraordinary materials such as reclaimed wood and metal pots, something no one was doing at the time. They also addressed the issue of high price points by making their range of lighting both beautiful and affordable. They wanted to break away from the mundane, and curate lighting that had personality and style.

Ivanka Lumiere
Voguish Modern Collection

Ivanka Lumiere is a lighting studio that curates, collaborates and creates bright spaces. They believe that lighting should be easy and fun, without burning a hole in the customer's pocket. The brand initially began with an industrial collection, which comprised of ubiquitous materials like wood, rope, stone and glass. They were pleased to see that their rope pendant lights became top-sellers and are still regularly requested by clients. The water pipe collection was another winner and had pieces that went well with stylised Edison bulbs - a huge trend in the market, even today. 


Ivanka Lumiere
Scandinavian Collection

Ivanka soon progressed to a cleaner, more minimal aesthetic and introduced their Scandinavian collection. The idea behind this collection was to provide simple and sophisticated lighting without adding on ornate designs and baubles. The wire frame chandeliers and naked bulb fixtures seen in this collection turned out to be crowd favorites. Ivanka Lumiere’s most recent collection is an amalgamation of form and function, with the best of both elements coming together. What's more, the brand has also incorporated wireless technology into a table and floor lighting, for added convenience. 

Industrial Fan Ceiling Light

Industrial Fan Ceiling Light

Half Round Industrial Wall Light

Half Round Industrial Wall Light 

Three Flamed Rustic Wall Scone

Three Flamed Rustic Wall Scone 

Your lighting choices should make a statement in 2017. A small change in the pieces you choose can give a dull room life and panache!



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