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Is there really anything better in life than really, really good chocolate? If you are as passionate as we are about dessert then the La Folie brand is definitely a name you know well. Sanjana Patel began her food journey early on in life, she studied Food Management in London and chocolate technology from Germany before she moved on to one of the most respected pastry and chocolate art schools in the world, Ecole Grégoire Ferrandi in Paris. From there, her journey continued to grow with Sanjana working with names like Pierre Hermé, Jean-Charles Rochoux, Patrick Roger and Olivier Bajard. With the La Folie brand, she has brought the art of French chocolate and dessert making to Mumbai and now expands to her newest brand, La Folie Du Chocolat.
Sanjana Patel
Sanjana Patel 

Sanjana tells us, “The dream was to come up with a brand focusing on chocolates as an artistic experience. All of my chocolates and desserts are beautifully crafted keeping different graphic shapes and lines in mind. Art is the concept, I’ve painted the chocolates with strong strokes and playfully splatters in vibrant colours.” With products like this, the design team at Sharpener Inc. had to create a space that fitted these edible pieces of art. “Drawing from Chef Sanjana’s products itself we carried the graphic forms and lines into space. The whole space is inspired by her product. The hexagon tables, the abstract graphic shelves, the tessellated cement textured wall, all directly formed from the shapes and forms of her desserts and chocolates. We had to deliver an artistic experience.”

La Folie Du Chocolat

La Folie Du Chocolat is a departure from all of Sanjana’s previous brands as there is a singular intention, to be a boutique in which the customers can seep
into an aromatic chocolate experience and get pampered with an experience especially curated for them. On the landing, you are greeted with a message embedded on the floor “Surrender yourself”. A difficult choice, but we would suggest listening to your heart for a cup of mouthwateringly delicious Chocolat Mousseaux. A hedonistic blend of dark chocolate, cinnamon and other secret ingredients – which Chef Sanjana refuses to divulge.

 La Folie Du Chocolat

The furniture designed is sleek and contemporary with interesting shapes and forms. The designers wanted everything to have a bit of madness, like a wall that was created specifically for Chef Sanjana. “This wall is made up of abstract shapes of the chocolate bar and given a 3D look to give the overall space a unique look. The wall has been given a raw cement texture deliberately to work as a contrast to the rest of the white and peach interior. We loved the positive disruption this wall brings to the place.” Embellished with velvet and marble and using colours like peach and dark blue, the interiors exude a sense of luxury and indulgence.

Going ga-ga over this look? Why not get the same vibe right at your doorstep? Here's our rendition of products inspired by the innovative patisserie.

La Folie Du Chocolat Discern Living Guide


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Discern Tip: Gone are the days of pink being used only in a teenage girl's bedroom. This shade of pink has become a versatile colour bringing warmth and comfort to the space. When millennial pink meets gold, it's a match made in heaven! Compliment it with geometric and elegant patterns in the rug or wall, as it balances out this combination beautifully, making the space more chic and glamorous. If glam is not your thing, pair millennial pink with shades of greys to tone down yet keep up the subtle vibe in your space.

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