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​​In a tribute to the Cannes Film Festival (May 11-22, 2016), Discern has put together a quick how-to guide for your home, inspired by oodles of harbour-side glamour and impossible elegance as seen on the red carpets of the French Riviera, daily.

As you walk among the couture shops and palaces of La Croisette, the glamour of it all cannot fail to impress: admiring supercars cruising by, and celebrity-spotting on the sunlounger-striped beaches and luxury yachts moored at the port, are hot Cannes pastimes.

For those not seduced by Cannes’ hedonistic charms, there’s enough natural beauty to make a trip worthwhile: the harbour, the bay, the clutch of islands off the coast and the old quarter, Le Suquet, all spring into life on a sunny day.

Cannes brings out the coastal glamour trend in particular. Given how fashion and home décor are seamlessly intertwining, if you are looking to redecorate your home for the summer, this should be the go-to trend.
If you love a classic, slightly rustic coastal style, then the French Riviera is teeming with inspiration for you and your home. Its laid-back style and clever use of color, with a less-is-more mentality, creates a desirable look.

Celebrities from around the globe have brought their A-game to the Cannes red carpet this season. The main colors we’ve seen the stars favoring so far are white, yellow, blue and black. Some of these are typical resort-wear shades, and are great hues to use when introducing the coastal vibe into your home (yes, even black!).

Accents of Yellow and Blue
This is an unusual color combination and may seem childish, given that they are both primary colours. However, lighter shades of blue such as aqua and turquoise will match well with accents of yellow. Examples of this can be seen in the form of blue wallpaper with a yellow couch set against it,or different shades of yellow throw pillows, either on a couch or in a floor seating arrangement. Vibrant pops of blue on a white backdrop immediately bring us back to Cannes. Keep the furniture classic and light, to really capture the style. 

Picture Courtesy - Porter Design Company

Picture Courtesy -  Hollywood Life

Picture Courtesy - Haliskingdom


Black is back. This color might be perceived as the go-to color for a night event, but this year saw many of the celebrities wearing it during the day. Against a neutral background, a black table, or even curtains will stand out. Black and white looks super chic on an outdoor patio – either as your pick for furniture or even as floor tiling – and captures the classic French style we adore. 

Picture Courtesy -  Hollywood Life

Picture Courtesy - Megan Morris


This is a great shade to create a neutral backdrop in any room of your home. Once you’ve established the foundation, you can then play around with other colors – accessorizing with gold and silver tones, for example, will help you achieve a polished look that screams French chic. 


sonam kapoor
Picture Courtesy -  NDTV Movies

cream decor
Picture Courtesy - Better Decorating Bible


Bistro chairs and canvas umbrellas are other examples of chic French Riviera style. They are quintessentially French and offer an outdoor coastal vibe. Bistro chairs can be set on a patio or balcony, and colourful umbrellas will create a pretty shamiana. If you aren’t among the lucky ones to have outdoor seating space, you can consider placing the chairs in your kitchen, for a dose of unexpected style.

Picture Courtesy - One King's Lane

If you can’t make a visit to Cannes this season, then use our tips to bring the French Riviera to your home instead!


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