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The décor at Olive Bistro in Goregaon, Mumbai is not for the faint-hearted. An interesting blend of industrial grunge and shabby chic gives the place an eclectic air; paint-less brick walls and metal beams complete the half-rustic theme.

Industrial style lighting fixtures are a great way to add character and personality to your home. Install them in trendy, eclectic, industrial, or glamour styled rooms for an instant shabby chic feel. These fixtures give off an air of sturdiness and durability - and also style.
Of course, for many, the essence of industrial lighting is that none of the rules of traditional lighting apply. You can even create them yourself - think wine bottles, metal buckets, trumpets, pipes, even bird cages. The possibilities are endless, so let your imagination run wild. Creating your own lights can result in charming elements to a room - a personalised addition to any kind of interior.  

Read on for images of the lighting at Olive Bistro:

16 Olive Bistro

Suspended industrial light and brick-walled interiors with peeling paint, form an interesting contrast with the minimalist tableware and wooden furniture.

16 Olive Bistro

A decoupage of plates, bowls, and saucers tumble from the ceiling to produce an unconventional chandelier.


16 Olive Bistro


 Whimsical lamps cast faint beams of light on haphazard wall tiles of cats and vintage memes


16 Olive Bistro


Pendant lights that would have looked perfectly at home in a shipbuilding warehouse.

                                             16 Olive Bistro

Filament bulbs, foldable chairs and PETA watering cans hang from a wire mesh over their community table.


16 Olive Bistro


Helmets make for eccentric lampshades.

16 Olive Bistro

Extendable lamps with sharp edges make subtle suggestions of old factories and sweat shops.

16 Olive Bistro

 Enamel-coated lampshades hang from a metal pipe grid. The exposed ventilation system adds to the industrial theme.

16 Olive Bistro

There is more than a hint of a nautical theme. These caged wall lights were often used on ship bulkheads.


Discern Tip for the dining areas and kitchen: If you have a kitchen island, pendant lights are the perfect way to imbue a homely touch, and they work beautifully for open-layout kitchens too. You can use enamel-coated or oxidized lampshades or filament bulbs to create relaxed dining areas.
Discern Tip for outdoor lighting solutions: For outdoor light fixtures, experiment with caged bulbs or folding industrial lamps for a rugged flavour.
In other parts of the house, use them to create thematic corners or highlight rooms with stark, minimalist interiors. In rooms with placid design sensibilities, they can act as a counterfoil, or even a point of focus.

Original photography by Suvajeet Duttagupta for Discern Living.


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