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Your living room is one place that the entire family gets together and is also where you entertain and socialise. This room is a glimpse into the rest of your home and should offer anyone visiting, an understanding of your personality and the home’s sense of style. If you feel your living room just isn’t up to par, why not do a quick makeover with these easy to follow tips?

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It’s easy to forget how important lighting is in a home, but this is what we use to explore the spaces around us. To add some interesting visuals, you can invest in a few unique lamps that are either on the floor or table. Soft, warm lighting is essential to every social situation and you can pick up some inexpensive pieces in a style of your choice to enhance your home décor and the mood of the space.

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Fresh flowers and plants can really add a lot to a space, completely uplifting the energy of a room. Depending on your décor style, we suggest always filling a few vases with fresh flowers when you have guests over. You can also include some potted plants in neglected corners or around your window sill and balconies. These will immediately add a sense of light and colour to your room.

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Changing the furniture of the entire space is not usually an option, especially if you’re on a budget. This is why we suggest picking one or two key pieces and either refurbishing them or creating a new look entirely. For example, by simply reupholstering your existing sofa, you can completely revamp your living room. Another option is to add additional seating that will act as a statement, such as a velvet ottoman or floral printed armchair. Adding a new table, wallpaper, coat of paint or carpet can also achieve the desired effect and will add a fresh touch to your space.

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This category includes everything that isn’t furniture. This means thinking of your artwork, soft furnishings, accents, objet d’art and other bits and bobs. In order to give your living room an affordable makeover, you can think about hanging up prints that complement your home décor in simple, wooden or metal photo frames. Changing up your pillow covers is another easy way to add a breath of fresh air into your home!

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Changing the face of a room or even your home doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. Once you are able to identify the décor style that you want to use, just keep everything else along those lines. By incorporating these additional tips, you will see your room come to life!


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