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No matter what your preferred taste in home décor is, it’s always nice to live in a home that exudes a sense of style and class. Whether you’re more bohemian or mid-century modern, every home has the ability to look luxurious with a few of the right additions and subtractions.


Travel is a favourite past time for the rich and famous, while also being accessible for all kinds of people depending on how you choose to travel. A great way to add both personality and a touch of luxe to your home is by decorating with fun relics and artefacts that you collect from your travels. Not only are these much cheaper in their hometown, but they are great conversation starters as well!


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Brass Tripod Floor Lamp

Brass Tripod Floor Lamp - Shop Now 

Distinque 6 Drawer Chest

Distinque 6 Drawer Chest - Shop Now


You may be surprised to find out that lighting is a key factor when it comes to how shabby or chic a space looks. An easy way to infuse your home with luxury and style is by choosing large, unique looking lighting. Another tip is to find brass or copper light fixtures which give off a Gatsbyesque vibe. Choosing to install just one large statement lighting piece can almost look like a work of art while being functional as well!

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Calabash Rose Gold Pendant Lamp

Calabash Rose Gold Pendant Lamp - Shop Now 

Round Reflective Hanging Light

Round Reflective Hanging Light - Shop Now


Nothing can look less luxurious than books piled on top of each other, exposed hangers of clothing or boxes of junk lying around. Space is, of course, a luxury in most places, but a clean, clutter-free home can immediately look so much more inviting. Make the most of negative spaces and find ways to store items away from sight to give your home the feeling of being much larger than it is.

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Artdreco Round Coffee Table With Gold Lining And Metal Base

Artdreco Round Coffee Table With Gold Lining And Metal Base - Shop Now

Bubbles Of Light - 8 Globes

Bubbles Of Light - 8 Globes - Shop Now

Art and Mirrors

When it comes to decorating we sometimes forget that our walls need some love as well! Use unique pieces of art, which can be prints or original pieces to add a sense of character to your home. Since mirrors add light and space, these can be used to expand rooms without having to break any walls down!

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Distressed Finish Wooden Mirror

Distressed Finish Wooden Mirror - Shop Now 

Maxim Accent Wall Mirror Vdsm-46

Maxim Accent Wall Mirror Vdsm-46 - Shop Now


We are lucky to live in a country that is home to so many different kinds of textiles. Being an interior design solutions provider, we have scoured the country to discover all kinds of exciting ways to spruce up a home using what’s available locally. When it comes to selecting textiles, we suggest using pieces with texture in light, muted shades that don’t overpower your room. You can then add on pillows, throws and blankets over furniture to give your space a more luxurious feel.

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Gold Foil Printed Floral Abstract Cushion Covers

Gold Foil Printed Floral Abstract Cushion Covers - Shop Now 

Gold Foil Printed Leaf Abstract Cushion Covers

Gold Foil Printed Leaf Abstract Cushion Covers - Shop Now 

Nowadays, it’s quite easy to find home décor accessories online especially when you know what you’re looking for. Browse our app to find simple, classic elements to help infuse your home with a touch of luxe!


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