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Make My Canvas (MMC) is a platform, which connects artists across the globe with art lovers, who are interested in customising a painting. By melding art with technology, MMC brings the lost art of commissioned paintings, to the modern world. MMC enables people to pay tribute to a memory in a special way, while their artists get to do a job they love!

Rohaan Dang currently runs Make My Canvas, prior to which he was based out of South East Asia heading marketing strategy for a leading liquor conglomerate.

We chatted with him to understand further what the service is all about, and what his take is on customised art. Excerpts below: 
What are the services that a customer would ideally find on Make My Canvas?
A customer can have a photo of their choice hand-painted onto a cotton canvas. The painting can either be of the photorealism genre, or an original abstract painting of the photo. In the case of an abstract painting, a digital artist offers three digital options to our customers who then choose the one they'd like hand painted on a canvas. For photo-realist versions, the customer can decide the scale to which the painting looks like a photo (1-10, 10 being completely photo-realist).

Customised art on a canvas is how you have described your services. Please elaborate on the ethos and aesthetics you follow.
MMC allows users to have their favourite photos hand painted onto a canvas, making every painting that is produced an original work of art. For every custom-commissioned order, we issue a contract, clearly stating the terms and conditions. We have a strict policy where MMC does not accept projects to paint already-known works of art, and we cross-check every photo submitted. Our last stage of quality control post assessment by our art curators lies in the hands of the customer. Once they receive the picture of their painting, there can be a lot of back-and-forth, as we strive to accommodate their requests for final touch-ups and reworks, prior to shipping the finished product to them.  

 Make My Canvas

What is the genetic makeup of your artists, and are they from across different genres of art? 
MMC’s 1200 artists come from over 40 countries. Each artist is hand picked and graded based on the work he/she submits to one of our 25 art curators. Our art curators, as well as our software, enable us to choose the artist who is most suited to a particular project, based on the photo submitted, thus enabling us to deliver the highest-quality art. Most artists generally focus their paintings on one genre of art (portraits, pop art, landscapes, nature, abstract etc), so we attempt to match the artist with a project based on the subject of the photograph. 

Do you also undertake installations and one-of-a-kind murals? 
Due to our large network of artists, we are be able to accept requests for murals and installations, however these aren’t available as a category on our online portal. They’d be categorised under a custom commission and executed by our team in India. 

Choosing or buying art is an extremely personal choice. How do you ensure that you cater to the individuality of each customer?
Art is extremely personal, and this is exactly why we launched Make My Canvas. We are keen for our customers to have a one-of-its kind, unique experience, where we paint according to their preferences. Once a client’s work of art is ready, we send them a photo of the painting as our last stage of approval. A client can have any part of the painting reworked an infinite number of times, or even have it repainted completely. We only ship out to our clients once they are 100% satisfied with the final artwork!

What are the things a homeowner or first-time buyer of art should keep in mind while looking to buy art?
The three most important factors for a first-time buyer:
The colours in the work of art should speak to you – they should inspire an emotion
2. The textures and brushwork of the art
4. Where and when the picture was painted 

Do you only do customizations or you have original works available? 
Currently, we offer only customizations from photos, however we are working on a ready-to-buy, affordable range of art, which will hopefully help our artists gain recognition for their creativity!

Make My Canvas

What are the price points that one has to keep in mind when they buy art from you? 
We currently offer three ranges – Standard (9, 000 INR), Premium (11, 000 INR) and Ultra Premium (14, 000 INR). We recommend the premium and ultra premium range for portraits as these are worked on by our top artists, given the skill required.

Make My Canvas

How do you differentiate yourselves from an art commune or gallery? 
The biggest difference between MMC and a commune/gallery is an inventory. MMC has no inventory. We customize every work of art produced versus holding an inventory of ready-to-buy paintings.
Galleries generally deal with upcoming/-established artists, however, MMC deals with talented artists who don’t have the voice to be heard, or are unable to earn a living doing what they love. We are a public platform for such artists, as they are otherwise painting out of home studios. 

Do you provide authenticity certificates? 
We issue a certificate with details on the artist, where it was produced, and the social cause our artist has chosen to promote (we retain a certain percentage of each painting, and those funds go towards either fighting hunger or supporting education, depending on the cause the artist has chosen to support).

How does one need to maintain the quality of the artwork? (light, environment, framing etc)? 
We recommend that every painting is framed and glass is used to cover the facing portion of the canvas, in order to block UV rays that may fade the colours. 

What is your personal favorite style or canvas?
My personal favourite style of art is Impressionism. Apart from Monet, Madhuri Bhaduri’s Impressionism artworks really stand out. 



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