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With Holi having just passed, we’re still reminded of bright, vibrant colours, which are especially fun when thinking décor! This leads to why we've chosen a specific hue as the theme for our monthly round-up of must-haves, this March. What’s brighter than an orange? A blood orange to be precise. Blood oranges are fruit with crimson, almost blood-coloured flesh, making it very popular for desserts and cocktails. A powerful and dynamic shade, orange can add a sense of warmth and energy to your space and is great to revamp a dull room. When looking at colours and physiology, orange is seen to increase the heart rate and have a stimulating effect on the nervous system, therefore making this shade work like a natural antidepressant. Research shows that we unconsciously connect the colour orange with activity, optimism and light, so you really can’t go wrong with any of the products on this list. What's more, with the Discern Living mobile app (Available on Google Play Store or iOS App Store) having just launched, we're celebrating our brand and all that it stands for. It’s no surprise then that we’ve chosen this effervescent hue as Discern Living’s signature shade - we’re all about positivity and brightness! 
Ikat prints work very well in Indian homes, even if your décor is contemporary. These cushion covers are bright and happy and work perfectly for a living room, outdoor space or family room. The irregular chevron print and stripes add flavour and personality to your cushions giving each one a distinctive look.

Plain Rust-Orange Cushion Cover with Teal Cord Piping

Plain Rust-Orange Cushion Cover with Teal Cord Piping - Shop Now


This blood orange, orange and white woven rug is made of 100% wool and has been inspired by Moroccan aesthetics. Although some may consider the print slightly ethnic this design, when placed in a room with dark wood and furniture, actually looks very modern and chic.


Hand Tufted Terra Wool Acura Rug

Hand Tufted Terra Wool Acura Rug - Shop Now 

This mouth-blown glass lamp with modern detailing is coloured with brown and orange hues that radiate a warm glow. Made of glass and iron, this eclectic piece can make a statement by being used alone, or in a cluster, which will help evoke a Middle Eastern vibe.

 This iron mesh table can be used as a side table, end table or accent table anywhere in your home. The contemporary design and blood orange tone make it a unique and attractive accent that will add life and volume to your space. The woven design may look traditional but the fact that it is made of iron elevates it in terms of unexpected sophistication and elegance.

This side table from Vilaasita makes a bold statement no matter where it is placed. The brightly coloured table has a powder-coated metal base which delicately balances a minimalist wooden top. The open box-shaped top has storage inside as well as on top which gives this table the dual functionality of being incredibly funky and useful as well.

Madisson Side Table
Madisson Side Table - Shop Now 

A versatile piece of furniture, this chair is something you may see in a young, hip café or restaurant. The design is reminiscent of traditional Japanese tatami mats and is perfect for either indoor or outdoor use. The generously sized seat has geometric designs built in and is made from UV stabilised,
injection-moulded plastic which lends the chair strength and durability.

Rosgrove Replica Morose Red Chair
Rosgrove Replica Morose Red Chair - Shop Now
That's our list of must-haves for the month, all of which echo our brand colour of blood orange. Did you like our picks and the hue we've chosen? Learn more about Discern Living by downloading our app today (available on Google Play Store or iOS App Store) today!


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