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Living in a big city doesn’t always mean you get big spaces. Most large cities, like Mumbai, are well-known for shoebox-sized apartment and astronomical rents. Often, we compromise on square footage for location and end up having to find creative ways to save space and make our small homes seem larger than they are. If you’re facing this same issue, you’ve come to the right place because, at Discern Living, we have seen every kind of home possible. From closets to mansions, we’ve worked with them all which has given us great insight into the kinds of things you can do to maximise space in your home.

modern-scandinavian-bedroom modern-contemporary bed-room

Modern Scandinavian Bedroom - Shop the Look

When it comes to small bedrooms, how do you maximise your space while still keeping your home interiors on point?

Intelligent Storage

The first, and most important point, is your storage. We use our bedrooms to store everything from our clothes and diaries to jewellery, shoes and cosmetics. These are our most private spaces and where you’ll find the secrets to our success. Unfortunately, small rooms mean small storage. Our solution in this case is to look at buying modular furniture online. Modular furniture is multi-functional and does multiple things for you at once. For example, look at beds with drawers underneath, cabinets that also serve as a dressing table and stools that have hidden storage.

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Industrial Chic - Shop Now

Simple Layouts

The worst thing you can do to a small space is to fit in too many things. If you have a small bedroom, make a list of what your essential pieces are and then work around those. You need to keep your space organized with a good flow so that you don’t feel cramped. Consider putting your bed against one wall in the middle of the room so that you space to walk around either side. That gives you access to the drawers under your bed from either side and also add a sense of space.

asian-bedroom ethnic-ethnic bed-room

Asian Bedroom - Shop the Look

Create Light

The best way to make a small space seem large is with natural light. Although not all of us are lucky enough to have large French windows in our bedrooms! To mimic the feeling of more light, you can paint your walls a light colour and then use this theme through your home interiors. Choose to drape flowy, lightweight curtains on your windows rather than heavy fabrics and use natural, organic materials through your room. Look for furnishings that are bright, breezy and light coloured to give your room a feeling of more space.

modern-minimalism modern-scandinavian bed-room

Modern Minimalism - Shop the Look

When it comes to designing a space, big or small, Discern Living is your one-stop shop. All you need to do is get in touch with us and let us take care of the rest. When you think interiors, think Discern Living.

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