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Design styles come and go, but one that has stuck around and shows no sign of going anywhere is mid-century modern. This style refers to an aesthetic that arrived in the 1930s and reached its peak in the mid-1950s. It was spearheaded by designers like George Nelson, Charles and Ray Eames, Harry Bertoia and Arne Jacobsen.

Mid century room

Mid Century Room


This style grew out of the current styles at the time which were mainly modernism and the very popular Bauhaus movement. Mid-century modern design uses a lot of glass, clean lines, an emphasis on function and a strong connection to nature. If you’re not a fan of the current decor trends of pastel pink velvet sofas and gilded sideboards, then this aesthetic may be perfect for you. Read on to discover how to create a mid-century modern inspired living room in your own home.

Modern Living room Mid-Century Style

Mid Century Living Room


The first thing you will always notice in a mid-century modern living room is a great sofa. Choose a sofa that is not overly decorative, as it needs to be as functional as it is beautiful. Think of something that lies somewhere between minimalist and trendy, and features clean, flat lines and a neutral shade of grey, olive or burgundy. Next, you can move on to the coffee table. Mid-century modern design is famous for its use of peg legs, solid wood and clean lines which is what you need to look for. Choose a piece that features the iconic hairpin or peg leg and is topped with a unique material like shaded marble or wood to add some personality to the space. The 1950s were all about a cocktail hour so make sure your table is large enough to handle more than a few drinks!

Mid Century Seating


One of our favourite parts of mid-century modern décor is the accent chair, designers of this period simply loved playing around with furniture and developed some amazing chairs. Think of the Eames Lounge Chair, the Egg Chair and of course, the Barcelona Chair. Though these chairs may seem a bit outdated today, you can easily find more accessible, modern versions of each of these chairs. We really like the clean lines of the Sawbuck Chair by Hans Wegner to add comfortable, chic seating to your living room.

Saw buck chair

Sawbuck Chair


Achieving this style can’t be thought of individually, as it is a result of each part coming together. This aesthetic is all about a minimalistic feel that still includes all your favourite accents and soft furnishings. You can experiment with funky lights, abstract artwork and different natural textures to bring your mid-century modern living room to life.

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