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Mix it Up! Dining Chairs Edition

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Breaking Up with Monotony
 Face it: we’re all guilty of trying to match everything in our homes, and even in our wardrobes! At home, the urge to match the sofa to the carpet, the drapes to the wall color, and the furniture polish to the art, can become quite overwhelming. The good news? Current trends indicate that a complete departure from being matchy-matchy is an excellent way to play with colors, textures, and patterns. Read on for tips on how to incorporate this into your home, especially at the dining table.

 A Simple Tweak

If you aren’t keen on overhauling your entire dining table area in order to try this new trend, opt for different-colored cushions that can be placed on the seats of each dining chair. It's a quick and effective way to try the mismatched trend, without breaking the bank. Ensure you use coordinating colors so that the overall effect doesn't look like too much of a hodgepodge. 

Play with Color
If you’re feeling more adventurous or have had recent luck at a flea market, go a bit wilder and place different colored chairs at each table setting. A good way to maintain uniformity even with varied colors, is by keeping the style of the chairs the same.

A Smorgasbord of Styles
The truly brave can flirt with the idea of mixing up not just colours, but entire styles. Try a combination of modern and classic for a quirky, yet sophisticated look.
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Make a Statement
Another clever way to introduce more style to your dining area is by incorporating accent chairs on either end of the table, which will add an extra pop of colour and interest. In this way, you can keep your existing dining chairs and just add on two additional ones, rather than investing in a whole new set.

Nips & Tucks
Finally, a fool-proof way to play around with your chairs is to frequently reupholster the seats, or the entire chair itself – use different floral fabrics, stripes of varying thickness, or any other pattern or texture that you like.



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