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When designing a nursery, it is easy to get carried away and jam in lots of cute, baby-inspired accents. We tend to do this to please ourselves more because the child obviously has no idea what’s going on. However, for those looking to strike a balance while decorating for the latest arrival in the family, Discern's Design Studio created a trendy yet vibrant and comforting environment for a baby boy or girl to spend the first few years of their life. 

Our citrus inspired nursery room is definitely gender neutral, and has been designed using clean lines, lots of natural light and shades of yellow to imbue a feeling of freshness and energy. The room is modern and minimal and works for cosy urban apartments. A young couple would appreciate the childlike nature of the furniture and accents but would also want it to be a room that is functional, with a few standout pieces rather than lots of unnecessary children’s accessories.  

The room is replete with geometric designs such as the Pendant Cord Lightsand the chevron printed carpet.

 Colourful Pendant Cord 

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The Reggio Replica Wing Chair - Yellow

The Reggio Replica Wing Chair - Yellow - Shop Now 

These minimal designs and shapes create a sense of calm without being dated or boring. The arm chair, presumably where a parent will be spending the most time, is large and comfortable urging one to sink in and curl up with the baby. The ceiling has limited detailing with only the brightly colour hanging lights which add a fun little sense of personality to the room. 

We suggest placement of furniture items against the wall, to allow enough circulation space for when your baby begins to crawl or when you need to walk around with them. A soft striped yellow wallpaper is very fresh and friendly and is perfect for a nursery room. Yellow is a great colour to use as it symbolises sunshine, happiness and energy.

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The soft, fresh colours define the feeling of bringing new life into this world and are subdued enough that you won’t get bored, but will stand the test of time during the initial years of your newborn's life. 

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