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With the thought of monochrome room decor ideas, everyone normally thinks of black or white. But that is not necessarily the case. A monochromatic room is a room, which is in one colour or shades of a particular colour. The beauty of a monochrome room stems from the saying “There is beauty in the simplest of things”.

We came up with the term 'Monochromatic Magic' when we saw the naturalistic beauty that arises from a monochromatic coloured room. Normally, people choose subdued colours for a monochromatic room so that you can use a variety of shades in the room. Our designers expertly thought of using grey in our 'Monochromatic Magic' look. When used correctly, grey looks absolutely stunning.

Monchromatic Living room design

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The first thing that captures your attention in this room is the bed. In a monochromatic room, you cannot have a bed that is completely out of touch with the rest of the room. That doesn’t mean that the bed has to be the exact same colour as the monochrome bedroom but it should be a similar colour. Even a blackish bed in a grey monotone room would look good.

We have a bed that would suit all dark monochromatic rooms. The Holmebrook Upholstered Bed is a mix of grey and black and fits into both monotones. This bed is one of the most comfortable and will enhance the look of your bedroom.

The next stop for our eyes is the large rug on the floor, as long as that is in sync with the tone of the room, then our eyes find the room appealing. And if our eyes find the room appealing then so do we.

We have a large collection of Rugs, but a Grey monochromatic room the Hand Tufted Wool Phoenix Rug would be the most optimum.

The colour of furniture is also important when deciding the theme of the room. The Armchair or the Bench in the room must follow the set colour combination.  We have chairs and benches, which fit the monochromatic magic of the colour grey. The Verona Armchair and the Chequered Bench are a perfect fit.  Not only are they comfortable but they can fit into most colour schemes. Even if your room does not have a theme colour, the armchair would still go well with the rest of your monochrome décor.

Verona Armchair collection 1 Seater-Gir Ash Cotton Linen Blend

Verona Armchair collection 1 Seater-Gir Ash Cotton Linen Blend - Shop Now 

Chequered Bench - White

Chequered Bench - White - Shop Now

Cushion covers are in our opinion the easiest way to accessorise your room.  Whether you like cheques, striped, patterns or pictures on your cushion covers, we have it all here on our website.

We have cushion covers to suit all your monochromatic needs.

Brown Lantern Cushion Cover

Brown Lantern Cushion Cover - Shop Now

Vintage Evelyn Rose Cushion Cover

Vintage Evelyn Rose Cushion Cover - Shop Now

Every bedroom needs a study table, but having a study table that is out of sync with the rest of the décor would ruin the look. Getting a neutral coloured table would be a great option because then it would go with any décor that you chose.

Trellow Table - Teak

Trellow Table - Teak - Shop Now 

The best way to chose a colour to create your monochromatic magic is to go for the colour that you feel represents your personality. Automatically you will enjoy it and it will help you in your everyday life.

Just remember, while creating your monochromatic magic if you ever need to turn to someone for help or for supplies or furniture, we at Discern Living are always here to help.  Shop today! 


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Straight up, no BS. Some hand picked products that we feel you’ll fall in love with. Correction, we know you’ll fall in love with.

Distressed Embroidered Cushion Cover

by Yamini

Chequered Bench - White

by BMJ Designs

Vintage Evelyn Rose Cushion Cover

by Gulmohar Lane

Trellow Table - Teak

by D'Collective


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