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Monochromatic decor is a great way to create a timeless and inviting room. And what's more, monochrome doesn’t have to be boring! Black and white are the most fashionable couple we’ve ever known, and their pairing in home decor is no different. Whether you choose to decorate in varying shades of one colour or opt for a black-and-white-themed design, there are many ways to always make this look exciting and fresh. While there are reams written on the subject, the tome we're enjoying the most is that by British interior stylist Hilary Robertson, whose book, Monochrome Home: Elegant Interiors in Black and White delves deep into her passion for all things monochrome.

Completely minimal and always chic, B&W is our favourite colour combination when it comes to decorating, monochromatic or otherwise. It is simple and classic with room for edge. You can always add a third colour accent, whether it is in the form of a
 paintinor vividly-hued tiles (on the wall or floor). As long as the pop of colour breaks through the B&W, you’re good to go. Going monochrome may seem restrictive but it actually gives you the ability to experiment with patterns, textures, and fabrics with much more freedom.

White Out
White is often seen as being bland or cold, however when done the right way, white can be incredibly calming and peaceful. Naturally seen as a colour of rebirth, purity, and innocence, white is perfect for a space that is neutral and relaxed. Keeping white sparkling clean is always a worry, however you can balance the expanses of white in your space by bringing in larger pieces (that you're afraid of getting dirty) in pastels or other shades, that are still light in colour. White will always enlarge a room, and is a great way to add dimensions of space and grandeur.


Textural Elements
Playing with textures can become really interesting when considering a monochromatic palette. You can explore luxurious, richer fabrics like fur and velvet or simpler ones like jute and cotton. Linen is a fabulous way to introduce a feeling of lightness 
and air into a 
space while white wood can work well for a kitchen or outdoor space. Something as hard as stainless steel combined with a soft fabric can elevate the look of your room. By combining these feelings and moods, the room becomes interesting and visceral, even while remaining simply monochromatic.

Pops of Colour
The best part about monochromatic decorating is being able to play around with accents. Whether you use another neutral or a bright contrasting colour, the results are very effective without being too loud or brash. The best way is to use natural accents like smaller pieces of furniture, decorative elements like rugs, and paintings on the walls. You could also use wallpaper - black and white stripes or perhaps a red motif on one wall, to create a more intriguing decor style.


Modern, Minimal and Monochromatic
Our modern, minimal, monochromatic mood board was inspired by classic black and white decor: not only is this style timeless, but it is also practical. Our mood board is a fusion of minimalism, modernism and a monochromatic scheme, all in one. We used white furniture against plain white walls to make the space appear bigger. The black and white striped cushions, along with the black and white geometric patterned rug, enhance the modern look, and add an element of contrast when juxtaposed against the white sofa. The white Visitor Chair combined with the Marcel Coffee Table further enhance the black and white colour scheme. The planter we have chosen is perfect for a large, bold floral arrangement - consider lilliums for their immediate elegance and striking effect.


   Monochrome home decoration ideas
Shop the Look:
1. Two Seater Sofa in Pearl White
2. Handmade Trellis Area Rug
3. Black Fiber Reinforced Polymer Planter
4. White Visitor Chair
5. Marcel Coffee Table
6. Black Polyester Cushion Covers - Set of 2
7. Poster Print Cushion Cover
8.  Stybuzz Black Cushion Cover
9. Forge Pendant Lamp
10. Forge Pendant Lamp

What do you think of our monochromatic mood board, and our ideas for how to transform a space using monochrome? Share your thoughts on Twitter and Instagram @DiscernLiving with #MonochromeMadness. Watch this space for Part II of our Series on Monochrome Decor.


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