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When we think about having a dinner party with our friends or family, what’s the first thing that comes to our mind? What are the dining table decor essentials for having a successful dinner with your loved ones?

Delicious home-cooked food, duh! But also great beverages and awesome music!

What we usually tend to overlook is the dining table essentials of the dinner party itself. The furniture, the dining ware, barware set, and crockery. Once again, we at Discern Living have got your back. Leave it up to us to help you host a lavish but well-budgeted dinner party with your family and friends. Make sure you have these basic dining table accessories and you’ll be good to go!


Dining Table

This goes without saying that the setting of a proper dining room ideas begins with the purchase of a sturdy yet good looking dining table set. We at Discern Living are here to help you with just that. Choose the dining table of your liking from the wide range of choice available.

Bocado- Sorano 6 Seater Dining Set Mahagony

Bocado-Sorano 6 Seater Dining Set Mahagony - Shop Now


Plates and Bowls

Now that the seating arrangement is all set, the next step is to have a nice set of plates and bowls to serve your guests the delicious spread of food that you have prepared. Once again, there’s a wide variety you can choose from.

Charcoal Bowl

Charcoal Bowl - Shop Now

Paintings and Pictures

If your dining room or dining area is plain white in colour or just simple even otherwise, why not give it a dash of liveliness with colour? You can add pictures of your friends and family or simply put up pictures and paintings from various famous artists showcasing their art at Discern Living.

A Magical Palette I by Pradip Mazumder

A Magical Palette I by Pradip Mazumder - Shop Now


And now for those who don’t shy away from their Tequila sunrises and whiskeys on the rocks, we have what we deem necessary for you to own to complete the dining room must-have list this season. Yes, they’re your regular glass/ barware but there’s something about its quality that sets it apart from the rest.


Napkin Holders

Don’t underestimate this! No one wants an average Joe cardboard napkin holder when you can have one of these timeless classy ones!

Sail Boat in Dark Blue

Sail Boat in Dark Blue - Shop Now 



Nobody likes having glasses perspire away, leaving stubborn rim stains behind. For just that, we have these coasters that can not only protect your table but also act as a jewel on the table when left stationary.

Hex Concrete Coaster Tray

Hex Concrete Coaster Tray - Shop Now

Rustic Wood Coasters

Rustic Wood Coasters - Shop Now

Coaster Set

Coaster Set - Shop Now


We hope you liked our dining table decor ideas and would definitely try them at home. 


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