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November officially signals the start of wedding season which is especially exciting if it’s your wedding that you’re planning to celebrate! Weddings can be a stressful situation and this extends right from picking the venue and flowers to making the guest list and sending out invites. One thing that should never be stressful is receiving gifts. In India, gifting is taken very seriously by most people giving money and others choosing large, crystal items to bestow on the newly-wed couple. One thing the west has done really well is this idea of the wedding registry. The wedding registry was once considered gauche in India but has now taken off and is how many couples are choosing to plan their gifts. The logic behind this is that if you know you’re going to be getting gifts, you may as well get things that you like and need. Discern Living understands that décor is a huge category when it comes to wedding gifting so here is our list of wedding registry must-haves.

Black Ceramic Leaf Platter from Fabindia 
Fabindia is known for elegant accents and home décor and this serving platter is no different. Perfect for large dinners or intimate gatherings; you can use this platter for appetizers and pass around making it easy for your guests to grab a snack. This masterful piece has been handcrafted by local artisans and is naturally flecked making a unique and sophisticated addition to your dining room.
Blue Ceramic Leaf Platter

Blue Ceramic Leaf Platter - Shop Now

Acorn Bowl from H2H
This decorative bowl celebrates the beauty of nature in a tasteful and stylish way. Most newlyweds are inundated with gifts of bowls and vases so it’s nice to find something that is unique and different from what you’ve seen in everyone else’s living room.

Acorn Bowl

Acorn Bowl - Shop Now

Crystal Jewellery Box from The Yellow Door Store
Although it’s considered improper to give a wedding gift that is directed at only one half of the couple, we couldn’t resist adding this beautiful jewellery box to this list. This box is a stunning way for you to store your trinkets as it’s not only decorative but very functional. This will enhance any space and will fit in with whatever décor style you’ve chosen for your home.

Jewellery Box
Crystal Jewellery Box - Shop Now
Wood Rawiyah Jewellery Box With Drawers
Wood Rawiyah Jewellery Box With Drawers - Shop Now 

Hammered Glass Candle Holder from Cellar Door
Every home has a story to tell and the way you decorate your home serves as the pages for your story. We like to believe that little accents and design details play the words in this metaphor and what could sound sweeter than this chic candle holder? Made of hammered metal and glass, the juxtaposition of colours and textures makes this an interesting addition to your living room, bedroom or family room.


Candle Light Holder
Hammered Glass Candle Holder - Shop Now

Handmade Coasters from Essajees
These handmade coasters are more than a functional piece of décor, they are handmade in Kashmir making them a great way to share your country’s take on design. Each part of India has its own style of craft and these floral motifs on papier mache are a great way to highlight Kashmir.


Handmade Coasters
Handmade Coasters - Shop Now
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Black Marble Serving Platter

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Butterfly Ginkgo Bowl

by Michael Aram
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Crystal Jewelry Box

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Hammered Candle Holder W/Glass (T)

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