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With a work experience of eight years, Anushka Contractor has been directing design for residential, commercial and public spaces as the head of her eponymous design office. She has led the design for numerous, challenging interiors projects. Her speciality also lies in designing furniture. We chat with her about her passions, interests that inform her work, and some of (what she considers to be) her best work. 
Anushka Contractor's Projects:
4000 sq.ft. Apartment, Jacob Circle

5_-_bedroom1_-_from_window_side.jpg  4_-_powder_room_-_night.jpg

3000 sq.ft. Apartment, Jacob Circle



Design Philosophy: 
Design for Anushka is a mix of vision, thought and emotion. She believes design is never good or bad; it is the taste of an individual that drives the thought process behind creating a design.

Areas of Specialty:
Expertise - Interior Design
Services - Design & Build
Sectors - Residential, Hospitality, Retail

Awards, Certification and Media
2014 Runner-Up A' Design Award, Italy 
Furniture, Decorative Items & Homeware Design Category

2013 Winner A' Design Award, Italy
Furniture, Decorative Items & Homeware Design Category 

2009 Durian Society Interiors Awards - Young Designer
Retail Design Category


When designing a space, what is the most important factor for you?
The first and foremost thing for me is to understand my clients' needs and requirements. I note down their thoughts and my observations of their personality; then I proceed with my research and put forward a brief sketch catering to their requirements. I feel it is important to have a vision and an open thought process while starting out.

Who is your mentor in the design world? What makes him/her special for you?
I respectfully look up to Sameep Padora who has done great work that includes the interiors of Indigo Deli, Lattice house, etc. I have learnt a lot under his guidance. I am also inspired by Rajiv Saini as he is one of the most renowned designers in the country. Both of them have carved out their unique styles and designs which define them as industry stalwarts. Both of them inspire me to be creative and bring my best to the table.

Sameep Padora
Sameep Padora

Rajiv Saini

Your favourite design website, Instagram handle, or book?
Dezeen and Architectural Digest.

Designers who will make it big next year and why?
We have an extremely competitive market comprising of some really good designers. I believe Rooshad Shroff has made a name for himself for his versatility; his work ranges from architecture, interiors and hand-made furniture, to product design, fashion and several other verticals.

Rooshad Shroff

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