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Dhruva Samal is a Mumbai-based architect with a strong focus in the field of architecture and interior design. Here, he shares insight into his design philosophy, some of his star projects, and what makes him tick. 

Dhruva Samal's Projects:

A Project by Dhruva Samal
Patel Residence, Mumbai

A Project by Dhruva Samal
Apartment in Colaba, Mumbai

Design Philosophy:
Samal's passion for design has no boundaries. He loves what he does and is constantly working on ways to make a difference to his life and others' through a creative approach. An explorer by heart, his search for new ideas and inspiration sees him travel the globe and spend time in the great outdoors. His uncanny ability to understand people contributes towards his ability to provide a unique product tailored to suit specific client's needs. 
Samal graduated from Mumbai University. He received a Masters degree in Architecture from Virginia Tech University in 2005, and spent five years working in New York City.
Areas of Specialty: 
Expertise - Interior Design
Services - Design co-ordination
Sectors - Residential and Retail

Certifications, Accolades and Awards:
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional (LEED AP), a credential that arms Samal with advanced knowledge in green building as well as expertise in a particular LEED rating system.
Featured in ID.Interior Design - A Ukranian Magazine.
Featured in December 2013 in Inside Outside (A decor and design magazine).
Featured in February 2016 on Magicbricks Now, a property channel on  “The Interiors Show".

Discern Living

Who is your favourite photographer and why?
Raghu Rai. I love the way he showcases India, making a pattern out of the subject.

Raghu Rai
Picture Courtesy - writingthroughlight.com

Your last holiday and what  you brought home from there?
Goa. I was able to gather thoughts, focus, re-ignite my creativity and bring about a change of attitude for good.

One decor piece in your home that you love: 
An ancestral carved wood centre coffee table.

Favourite museum/art gallery in New York City and Mumbai:
New York: MoMA and Mumbai: NGMA

An Oscar-nominated movie that you love:


A music festival you attended last:
Boom Festival in 2014, held in Portugal.

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