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As Principal Designer at Antworks Furniture, Hriday Gami designed and prototyped furniture between 2012 and 2014. Trained as an architect at the Faculty of Architecture, CEPT University - Ahmedabad, he worked extensively with wood in various forms across Gujarat, Kerala, Mumbai and Finland. Carpenters trained and skilled in traditional design styles, contemporary cabinetmakers, and fellow designers, to whom he credits much of his knowledge, have accompanied him on his adventures with the material. Exquisite craftsmanship and carpentry excite him as much as the raw simplicity of industrially-produced woodwork, both of which are essential components of his designs. Hriday is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Industrial Design at the Department of Design, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Guwahati, India.

Hriday's Projects:

Dining Furniture
  Dining Furniture, Private Residence, Ahmedabad

Antwork Furniture, Ahmedabad

Furniture Design by Hriday Gami

Furniture Design by Hriday Gami
Sauna in Helsinki, Finland

Furniture Design by Hriday Gami

Furniture Design by Hriday Gami

Furniture Design by Hriday Gami
Living Room, Private Residence, Mumbai

Design Philosophy:
According to Hriday, it is important for a designer to experience life outside of his or her nest. Stepping out into the real world helps an individual build an extensive library of forms, sensory experiences, and stories, but most importantly, life experience inculcates a sense of empathy without which a designer cannot be a designer. Talking to people, observing them, reading patterns, noting nuances, and interpreting meaning is the first act of designing, and this is why he values design research. He believes designing is a conscious and deliberate activity, with specific aims and quantifiable results. Good design is a balance of intuitive and observational thinking, eccentric and deliberate acts, and at least a thousand iterations.

Areas of Speciality:
Expertise - Architecture, Interior Design, Furniture Design, Design for Children
Service - Design and Build,  Furniture Design, Product Design, Graphic Design
Sector - Institutional Furniture

Winner, Godrej Design Lab, Furniture Design Category, 2015
SPIRETEC Design Competition 2011, Honorable Mention
Berkeley Prize Travel Fellowship 2011


Designers I admire:
Famous Personalities

Picture Courtesy - Google Plus, Muebleslluesma and Arch Eye

Alvar Aalto for his amazing ability to synthesize cultural elements and give them a contemporary form. His works are microcosms of his surroundings - of the social, cultural and material fabric. The Muuratsalo House, the Saynatsalo Town Hall and his experiments with bent wood furniture take the cake for me. Peter Zumthor for his skillful crafting of experiences that the human body connects with, through all its senses. The Therme Vals in Switzerland is one of his most significant works.

I have great respect for Charles & Ray Eames who had the vision to set up a multidisciplinary studio at a time when people were focusing on specialisations and expertise in their own disciplines. They also made a tremendous contribution to design in India.

What is Discern to me?
Discern has a holistic approach to design and living. And that's something I appreciate more than anything.

Designers who will make it big next year:
To be honest, I haven't the slightest clue. I know there are a lot of talented people out there putting a lot of effort into designing better products, experiences, and therefore better lives. We're all slowly but surely moving towards more design-conscious and aware society, and that's commendable.

Best advice I got when I started working as an independent designer:
The list of things to be designed is endless and yet there is no one to pay for it. If good design is as little design as possible, and if good design is invisible, why would they pay?

Authors I love and recommend:
Famous personalities
Picture Courtesy - Amazon and International Academy of Architecture

Don Norman is the one author who can explain design to even a six-year-old. His writings on design leave you awash with such clarity in thought and an ability to critically evaluate your work. His book, The Design of Everyday Things, is a bible for lost designers. His other books, Living with Complexity and The Design of Future Things, are also essential reads. Another must-read is The Thinking Hand by Juhanni Pallasmaa.
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