Professional Spotlight: Jannat Vasi

Jannat Vasi
Jannat Vasi is the founder of her eponymous studio, Jannat Vasi Interior Designs. The designer believes in effectively balancing various elements in her work, be they materials, textures, or design philosophies. She draws inspiration from each client’s unique personality to create edgy spaces complete with a smart choice of materials and technology.

The studio's design philosophy is to professionally design interior spaces that have the power to elevate the mood, provide the greatest levels of comfort, convey the inhabitant's personality and significantly improve the overall experience for anyone who steps into the space. The team's core strength lies in creating exclusive, concept-driven designs and providing functional planning which still speaks to the client's - or the brand's (in cases of commercial projects) personality. The team at JVID targets each project based on specific client requirements, brand identity and site conditions. They balance comfort with luxury, and the practical with the desirable.

Jannat Vasi Interior Design has won a variety of awards and has received recognition from Architectural Digest India, Grazia, Times Now Magicbricks – The Interior Show, Architecture Update, Tiles of India, and Design Matrix, to name just a few.


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Your favourite art gallery and/or museum and what you love about it the most.
I recently visited the Perez Museum by Herzog and de Meuron in Miami. The structure is breathtaking; it is the perfect juxtaposition between man’s ability and nature’s purity. The scale of the space is overwhelming, yet the vibe is nothing but welcoming, as a visitor experiences the diverse wealth of art on display.
Whom have you apprenticed with, and who was instrumental in your design education?
I have worked at architecture firms including sP+a, Urban Studio and Ark. I have had inspiringrs such as Nuru Karim and Sameep Padora, from whom I have inculcated a unique approach to creating radical design.
Nuru Karim

Sameep Padora

What particular aspects of your background and upbringing have shaped your design principles?
I believe that you must make your pastime your profession, and your passion your paycheck. Having said that, I have imbibed my father’s creative gene for art, design and problem solving. Moreover, I feel like where I grew up has influenced and aided in my overall development. Bandra, where our studio is located, is the creative suburb of Mumbai and houses immense talent in all forms. My surroundings inspire me every day, as a result. 

What do you consider to be the most important element or design aspect in your portfolio?
Design to me is the blend of art with functionality. Charles Eames said “Details are not details. They make the design.” I am currently working on projects in all verticals, ranging from residential to retail, and from restaurants to offices. For me, going into each minute aspect of design from concept to execution to actual realisation is where my true fulfillment

lies. I am immersed in the process of designing furniture, lighting and fabrics, and also styling for each of my projects. It is key for me that the output should reflect the client’s brand, with my firm's design identity seamlessly woven in.

Your favourite design website, Instagram handle and book? 
Instagram – Nilufar Gallery
Book – The Complete Zaha Hadid



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