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NaCL – Natasha Aggarwal Creative Living - is a Mumbai-based Interior Design Studio started by Natasha Aggarwal. Having studied Interior Design at universities in Mumbai and Milan, she believes the key to great design is capturing the spirit of the client and the essence of the space. When asked about the inspiration behind her studio's name, Natasha explains, "the name NaCL = Sodium chloride, which is the essential element in salt. Just like the characteristics of salt, simplicity and versatility are the main design principles of our firm."

“One must always have a unique character like salt; its presence is not felt, but its absence makes everything tasteless. Our design philosophy is based on this simple philosophy. We believe in creating interiors that are not just borne out of a need to complete the space but are a result of our efforts to imbue a distinctive personality into each space we work with, that still blends in effortlessly with the existing surroundings. The key to great design is capturing the spirit of the client and the essence of the space."

We caught up with Natasha for a Discern Living rapid-fire, to understand further what makes her tick, what inspires her every day, and where she looks for creative ideas. 

Natasha Aggarwal
Living Room Designed by Natasha Aggarwal 

Natasha Aggarwal  Natasha Aggarwal

Natasha Aggarwal
Bedroom Designed by Natasha Aggarwal 

Discern Living

What factors do you consider before taking up a project and working with the prospective client? 
Flexibility in designing and the client’s willingness to explore design. I consider these two factors the most important as this leads to a unique design approach and ensures that creativity will be at its maximum.

Can you list two role models in the design industry? What do you admire the most about them?
Rajiv Saini and Guilherme Torres. The effortlessness in their designs, their play of textures, patterns and forms and the way they bring a unique vibrancy through their selection of art makes me go back to their work for inspiration time and again.

Name one historical fashion and/or design trend that has stayed in style generation after generation. 
The Chevron pattern has been in trend for decades, be it in fashion or interiors. It is one pattern that never goes out of style and always lends a distinct character to any design.

What do you consider a unique design aspect in your portfolio?
Space planning with simplicity in design. Given the size of spaces we live in today, every inch matters to the client and we as the designers should not ignore this aspect. A fuss-free design will only enhance the space. We believe that the design should be ‘smart,’ where it not only looks appealing to the eye but is also practical and functional.

Your greatest achievement as a designer is ...
Knowing that the space you visualised, designed and brought to reality is now an integral part of someone’s daily life!

Discern to you means ...
A design platform which keeps you abreast with the field of design.

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