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Parth Parikh is a product designer who founded Design Clinic India, interiors, furniture and light design company, in August 2015. Design Clinic draws inspiration from its country of conception, India. Parth has a Masters in product design from Domus Academy, Milan.

Parth Parikh's Projects:

Kathputli, New Delhi



Not Just Parathas, New Delhi

Not Just Parathas

Not Just Parathas

Not Just Parathas

Not Just Parathas

Not Just Parathas

Product Designs by Parth Parikh

Product Designs by Parth Parikh

Product Designs by Parth Parikh

Design Philosophy:
Parth says, "I bring to life interior design solutions that are not only beautiful and unique but also offer a sense of adequate comfort and practicality for daily life."

Areas of Specialty:
Expertise - Lighting, Decoration & Styling, Interior Design
Service - Design & Build, Turnkey Contracting
Sectors - Residential, Hospitality

Awards, Certifications and Media:
Masters in Interior Design from Domus Academy, Milan 2012.
Dr Satya Paul Award for Human Values, 2010 (Apeejay Institute of Design).
Design Clinic India, one of the top five brands at India Design ID 2016 (The Indian Express and Discern Living).
One of eight finalists in the Home Decor category at the Interior Lifestyle Awards, 2016. 


Product design versus interior spaces: which one would you choose, and why?
I would choose both as they are both connected to each other.  

What is your most preferred material for any project and why?
Wood for me is the most preferred material. I love its natural finish and grain. 

What inspired you to launch Design Clinic?
India inspired me to start Design Clinic India. Our culture, colours, vibrance, arts and crafts, and the range of daily activities that people of our country undertake, together contributed toward the incubation of my dream studio. 

One design professional you would like to work with? 
I would love to collaborate with the Campana Brothers.

Discern to you means?
A design dictionary.


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