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An architect and interior designer by training, Sandesh Prabhu began his career working with renowned architect Hafeez Contractor in Mumbai. Soon after discovering his passion for interior design, he found himself in the role of the in-house designer for “Me, Furniture and Beyond,” a lifestyle store owned by the Birla Group. At the store, he designed furniture and developed his understanding of well-known international furniture brands. In 2005, having gained valuable, on-ground experience, and fueled by a burning desire to make his own, unique mark in the field of design, Sandesh set up his eponymous design firm SPDS – Sandesh Prabhu Design Studio. At SPDS, Sandesh and his team design exclusive, high-end spaces for an exacting roster of clients. His clientele includes leading cricketers, Bollywood actors, builders, fashion designers, industrialists, artists and more from all across the country as well as from overseas.

Sandesh Prabhu's Projects:



247385_10150206527276775_5008722_n.jpg  254818_10150206532216775_3171999_n.jpg

Celebrity Residence, Mumbai

dsc_1825.jpg  dsc_1612.jpg



Private Bungalow, Hyderabad


image.jpeg  319734_10150823334821775_1597981345_n.jpg


Restoration of Heritage Villa, Goa

Design Philosophy:
According to Sandesh, "Exceptional interior design begins and ends with understanding the client’s dreams and desires. My philosophy is to design with purpose and definition, using layers of colour, light and texture to add variety and richness. I enjoy incorporating unexpected and custom pieces within a space, while utilising materials in new and sustainable ways."

Areas of Specialty:
Expertise - Landscaping, Decoration & Styling, Interior Design
Service - Design co-ordination, Turnkey Contracting
Sectors - Residential, Hospitality, Retail

Featured in numerous publications, including Home Review, Good Homes, Ideal Homes and Society Interiors. 


What does design mean to you? Name one designer you would like to work with in your lifetime, and why?
Design is the art and science of enhancing a space or an object to achieve an aesthetically pleasing environment for the end customer, without taking away the comfort and utility associated with that space or object. A designer is a one-point source who plans, researches, coordinates and puts the entire project together, to achieve the final vision he or she has in mind.

I would have liked to work with Antoni Gaudi for his out-of-the-box creativity and artistry. 

Antoni Gaudi

When designing a room, what is the most important factor for you?
Orientation according to natural lighting and ventilation is extremely important.

What inspires you each day to do a better job? What has been your proudest moment as a designer?
The journey of creating new, beautiful spaces and objects, and the challenge of satisfying my inner creative quest, along with the client's requirements, inspire me to do a better job. After finishing an assignment, the smile I notice on the most difficult, hard-to-please client's face is the proudest moment for me.

Your favourite art gallery and museum? 


Louvre Museum - Paris


Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York

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