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According to Shibani Mehta, good interior design doesn’t cost, it pays!

Naksh Design is a boutique interior design firm established in 1999, in the heart of South Mumbai. Founder Shibani Mehta has a come a long way from designing spaces of constraint for friends and family to handling commercial spaces and palatial, sea-facing farmhouses for one of the biggest names in the city. Naksh has a young design team, which has been successfully growing over the years. Today, they have crossed over 150 residential projects. Shibani’s aim is to create a perfect balance between great design, aesthetics and functional practicality.

At Naksh Design Studio, the team works to achieve accuracy and perfection in all strata. They cater to their clients as a team, continuously keeping them in mind, understanding their lifestyles, family systems and more, as that is all important information when putting together a project. The Naksh style is simple, elegant, and straight-line, with a touch of fusion. The Studio believes in space designing and reconstruction while moving away from clutter. 
Summer Apartment, Mumbai




Design Philosophy:
Naksh Design Studio's objective is to tailor-make each room, and 
optimise the space provided. They aim to achieve the best blend of functionality and aesthetics. During the duration of the project, the design team makes a conscious effort to live the client's life, understand their needs and their lifestyles, which then allows them to create the best possible designs.

Areas of Specialty:
Space planning and layout design.


What factor/s do you consider before taking up a project and working with the prospective client? 
All work is good if done with complete dedication; whether the project is small or big does not matter. There is a lot of flexibility in our design theory, but interiors are more than designing. What we like to do is really connect with a client, so that we are all on the same wavelength as we proceed with the project. That is the only way, in our minds, to get the desired results. 

Please mention two role models in the design industry. What do you admire the most about them?
Christopher Guy; Furniture - Bold and one of a kind and Polyform - Classic/Simple furniture.

Christopher Guy
Christopher Guy

What do you consider a unique element or design aspect in your portfolio?
Our portfolio is most attractive to clients with small spaces, as we specialise in creating the illusion of space in even the tiniest areas.

Your greatest achievement as a designer is?
When clients come back again and again!

Discern to you means? 
Discern is a good platform where designers can interact, with one another and with potential clients and design enthusiasts. 

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