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Shweta Kaushik is an award-winning interior designer and stylist based in Mumbai with a degree in Product Design from the Domus Academy, Italy. She also runs an interior design firm, Shweta Kaushik Design (SKD). Here, she shares with Discern her unique take on design and the daily inspirations that delight her. 

“Design is a science, a science of aesthetics. A design is a solution to a problem using balance, scale, colours, textures and form” - Shweta Kaushik

Shweta Kaushik's Projects:

The Homemade Cafe Andheri
The Homemade Cafe, Andheri, Mumbai

The Opulent Bathroom
The Opulent Bathroom, Mumbai


Design Philosophy:
SKD crafts visual stories that become signature surroundings guided by their clients' aspirations. By delving into diverse experiences and expertise - both her own and that of her team - Shweta helps create spaces which allow clients and brands to fully express who they are, and what holds meaning for them. 

Areas of Specialty:
Expertise - Product Designer, Stylist, Lighting, Hospitality, and Interior Design.
Services - Design Coordination, Project Management BOQ ( Bill of Quantities) and Design & Build.
Sector - Residential, Tendering, Management, Retail Contracting and Commercial. 

Certifications and Awards:
Aces of Spaces Award for Best Hospitality Design for 2012
iGen Top 50 Award by Architect and Interiors India, 2012
Featured in Yahoo! Lifestyle's Fab & Fearless Women in India

Discern Living

Your favourite Instagram account is?
Symmetrybreakfast: The account is owned by a guy who cooks for himself and his boyfriend. They create delicious food and plate it like art!


If you had a signature aesthetic, what would it be?
Classic and Iconic with a twist.

What makes a home beautiful?
 A space that showcases the owner's personality.

How would you define Discern?
Discern to me means to have a discerning eye, which is to recognise good taste and to be able to perceive design in a unique way.

The last piece of art you bought? 
A wooden board by Millie Fairhall, displaying tribal artw

Wooden board by Millie Fairhall

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