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When it comes to decorating your home, there are a few pieces of furniture that we always think of first. These are usually your bed, the dining table and the sofa in the living room. Being large pieces, it’s natural that you design your home around these. The living room is an important area in the home and is where we entertain, socialise and spend time together. When it comes to picking out the right sofa, do you know what you have to keep in mind? Read below. 
L-Shaped Sofa
There are various kinds of sectional sofas, with an L-shaped sofa being one of the most popular. But what are the real pros and cons of this kind of sofa? One of the best things about this sofa is the actual L, the corner where your two sections meet. This is the most comfortable spot as it offers you back support as well as leg support. The remaining parts of the sofa are the same as any other, but it’s this L which makes it special. The one negative is that L-shaped sofas tend to be quite bulky so you need a large space for this kind of sofa.
ethnic-living-room ethnic-middle-eastern living-room
Ethnic Living Room - Shop the Look
Chaise Lounge
A chaise is less of a sofa and more of an elevated bench. This kind of seating arrangement is perfect for when you want to add on something more substantial than an armchair but less bulky than a sofa. Chaise’s come in multiple designs and can often be used as a statement piece when done in a bright fabric or with bold colours.
classic-culture classic-classic living-room
Classic Culture - Shop Now
Curved Sofa
A curved sofa is a piece of modern furniture that can fit into any home décor theme. Whether you’re going more mid-century modern or classic Indian, you can often find a design to work with your interior style. The best way to customize this kind of sofa is to use upholstery that complements your home décor while still having its own personality.
european-living-room classic-european living-room
European Living Room - Shop the Look
Sofa Cum Bed
Although not the most comfortable beds, sofa cum beds are excellent for saving space and creating an additional bed for when you have guests over. These sofas do not have a lot of variety when it comes to their design so you may have to stick to something more basic. However, the ability to convert your sofa into a double or even queen bed is a fantastic option for anyone who doesn’t have an extra bed or wants to save space in their guest room.
rustic living room
Classic Rustic Living Area - Shop the Look
U-Shaped Sofa
You can add on a few sectional pieces to any L-shaped sofa to convert it into a larger, even more, comfortable U-shaped sofa. A great option for someone who often has lots of people over, and also has a big living room that requires a large piece of furniture in it. With this kind of sofa, it’s important to make sure that your coffee table fits neatly within the U, while still leaving room for people to move in and around the sofa.
U-shaped sofa
Overall, it is key to keep in mind the space you have available, the potential uses for your sofa and the design that you prefer. Get in touch with us today for our interior design services in Mumbai and Pune. 


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