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Six Ways to Celebrate Ramadan at Home

Ramadan Celebration
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Ramadan and Eid are a renewal of the eeman (faith), and closeness to the Creator. This time is celebrated through prayer and internal dialogue, as well as through festivities and celebrations with near and dear ones. Translate some of that simplicity and purity of the mind by bringing elements of it into your home décor. Here are six ways to go about it!

Prepare your home for the festivities
Bring in the festive cheer by decorating the home for Ramadan. Adorn your mantle or a shelf with a festive banner or a framed print wishing a family and friends ‘Ramadan Kareem’. Use banners on your front door as well. During the last 10 days (from now till July 6), switch out your Ramadan decorations for Eid decorations as the anticipation for Eid starts to build.

Lighting is an essential component that when done right, will create a festive atmosphere for any occasion. Place decorative lanterns lit up with electric tea lights in every room, or create your own paper ones in different colours. Using pretty string lights on your mantle or to decorate your front door, will make a cheerful statement. A sparkling moon with a simple star can also do the trick as there’s something about the shimmering lights that makes them vibrant with festivity. 



Create a Ramadan display
Your interior décor needs a minor refresher to embrace this season, starting with welcoming your guests the right way. In your hallway, turn a console table into a Ramadan display by placing a mix of tall and short votives, pillar candles, and ornate candle holders. The flickering, a dreamy effect will be a perfect welcome for your guests. Adorn your hallway and living room walls with calligraphy art, as those pieces will come in handy even after the Holy Month has passed.



Date Jars
Dates are a staple during this auspicious time, so you should definitely add them to your festive shopping list.  To add a fun twist to an otherwise traditional offering, how about considering Date Jars. They look pretty and are functional as well. 


Not only is this a great DIY project that you can also get your kids involved in, but the jars make for a thoughtful gift to family and friends; something they can use every evening of the month when they break their fast. 

Host an Iftar Party
Organise a delicious Iftar spread with healthy food choices such as salads, kebabs and sherbets. No iftar party can be complete without sevai; bring it out along with traditional sweets in bite-sized portions. Decorate your home to reflect the festive spirit with an aromatic atmosphere, enchanting lanterns, and spruce up your soft furnishings in traditional, Mughal prints. Throw in fresh flowers on a vase or a bowl to infuse your home with fragrance. Scented candles are a good choice too! 


Sharing the festive cheer
This month is all about caring for others and being compassionate for the less fortunate. While getting inspired to decorate your house just right for the festivities, why not spend some time spring cleaning as well? Encourage your family and friends to put together items they no longer want – gently used clothing, shoes, furniture, or anything else can be gathered together and donated to those less fortunate.


Whether you’re creating new traditions or following age-old ones, we wish you all the very best for the last few weeks of Ramadan, and the upcoming Eid festival. Ramadan Kareem.


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