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Summer is at its peak, and while you can't beat the heat outside, you can definitely stay cool indoors. Make the most of your time at home this summer with cheerful and airy decor. Here are a few recommendations that can make your home stylishly welcoming and summery.

Au naturel
One of the best ways to get your home charmingly ready for summer is by going au naturel. Let nature's influence add a cooling touch to your home - decorate the corners as well as open spaces of your home with potted plants such as Aloe Vera, Peace Lilies, and English Ivy. These plants are easy to take care of, and require very little water and sun. Bring home plants that bloom during this season, and hang them in colorful metal planters in your balcony to add a pop of color to the space. These bright-colored planters that we have chosen for you will bring your home alive. 

coloured planters
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1. Green Gardenia Blue Metal Railing Small Square Planter
2. Green Gardenia Pink Metal Railing Small Square Planter
4. Green Gardenia Yellow Metal Railing Small Square Planter
Colors for contrast
Bright colors liven up the ambience indoors - use them in the form of easily-replaceable decor pieces such as cushion covers, table runners, lamp shades and bolsters, to introduce the spirit of summer into your home. We recommend solids and prints in bright pinks for this summer.
pink cushions
Arossa Cushion Covers - Set of  two
Discern Tip: To safely (and effectively!) try experimenting with multiple colors and patterns, try pairing cushions in bright, solid hues (like hot pink) with patterned cushions (floral, stripes, dots) in a similar shade. Keep the rest of the color palette in the room neutral, to make the cushions the immediate focal point. 

Floral fragrance
Flowers and candles are beautiful accessories to decorate your home with, during summer. Not only do they make your space look elegant but they also fill up your home with a natural fragrance. Opt for seasonal flowers, and aromatic candles with subtle and soothing fragrances like those of cucumber, melon or black current to accompany your floral setting. We recommend this crystal vase in sea green - fill it with flowers in white, pink or purple (or a mix of all!) and cut the stems short so that the blooms spread around the mouth of the vase. Pair this vase with the black current scented candle to create a look that is both harmoniously color coordinated, as well as pleasing to the olfactory senses.

  scented candles
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1. Bahar Candle (Black Current)
2. Lotus Crystal Vase

Discern Tip: Make sure members of the family or pets are not allergic to your choice of flowers. Put some thought into your choice of scented candles as well; for example, spicy scents don't work for living rooms and are not ideal for summer. Choose fruity or clean (lemon, laundry, breeze) scents instead.
Choice of curtains
To enjoy a breezy summer indoors, avoid drapes in dark colors. Opt for curtains in floral prints instead, or pair blackout blinds with sheer curtains, so that they serve a dual purpose, both during the day and at nighttime. If you prefer curtains, we suggest this floral option for literally any room in your house. If you have tall windows, you can choose door curtains and use them for windows instead, as they are longer. Sheers are a great choice for the hot summer months - opt for this one in white, for your living room windows.

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1. Presto Red Poly Cotton Floral Eyelet Door Curtain
2. Generic Flocking Butterfly Sheer Curtain Panel Window

Summer holidays are on, and chances are that the kids will be home for longer periods of time for the next few months. Don't forget to give your home a quick, kid-friendly summer makeover. 

Make sure the fabrics and covers you choose are easy to maintain and have a casual charm that your kids will find fun and appealing. This is also a good time to involve the little ones in fun DIY weekend projects, which can include creating beautiful home decor pieces using seashells, pine cones, ice cream spoons and more. 

Have a cool and stylish summer! Share your hot weather tips with us on

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