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Every year brings with it a fresh crop of trends, discoveries and phenomena that threatens to break the Internet. 2016 was no different. From the design world, Discern saw a number of exciting new trends that we both put into practice in our own homes, and hope will endure into the New Year. From metallic to monochrome, this year was all about being fresh, spunky and bold. Here, we share our top picks for the design trends we observed and loved in 2016. 

Floral Prints
No, floral wasn’t just a part of the fashion industry this year. This trend spilled over into the world of decor and interiors as well. We saw florals everywhere - on walls, cushion covers, art work, bed linen, crockery and more. From massive blooms to tiny buds, flowers adorned every inch of our homes, bringing with them an air of elegance and bohemian luxe.

Rosie by GWD from Gallery Wall Decor


Chintz Rose by Examples of Chinese Ornament from Gallery Wall Decor 
Geometric Prints & Designs
Geometric prints were another massive design trend in 2016. Triangles, hexagons and other edgy prints were found on a variety of decor elements, from pillows to wallpaper, and even to floor tiles. Geometric prints work brilliantly in any kind of home, adding a modern touch and an instant sense of sleekness. The print looks sophisticated in any shade, whether you prefer neutrals and monochrome, or a wildly vibrant colour palette. 



Sage Geometric Peaks Pillow
Sage Geometric Peaks Pillow 

Pantone’s Rose Quartz & Serenity Blue
Pantone’s trending colours this season were unexpected, but worked beautifully. The colours gave an instant boost to pastels everywhere, with their dusky rose and calming, powder blue shades. Surprisingly, both shades can be easily incorporated into any home, without looking too fussy or feminine. Done right, they will bring about a sense of sophistication and old-world glamour. 




Reggio Lounger Replica - Shop Now 

Metallic Accents
This was one design trend that we absolutely loved this year. Metallic accents are brilliant, as they add an instant sense of glamour to just about any space. If you feel like your home is looking too boring or flat, incorporate a few touches of this trend and watch the space wake up right away. Pillows, pendant lights, wallpaper, and even bathroom fixtures in this shade and material work wonderfully to bring this trend to life.


Mystique Side Table from


A trend that has a reputation it doesn't deserve, monochrome is considered bland and boring. Do it right however, and watch how this look can make any interiors look wonderfully sophisticated and even edgy. Choose your favourite colour - it doesn't just have to be neutrals - and use shaded of it on everything in a given room. Love blue? Choose a pale shade for the walls, a deep blue for the couch, a textured shade of the hue for the rug...you get the idea. The best way to do monochrome well is to use different shades, textures and elements of one colour, that will take it from basic to bold. 

Graphic Pillows
Probably one of the easiest ways to spruce up a home in an instant is by adding graphic pillows to every available surface. The beauty of this trend is that it has something for everyone - choose cushions with bold designs or patterns, metallic ones to amp up the glam factor, witty ones that offer word play, or simply jewel tones that add an instant pop of colour. With so many options to choose from, it's hard to not ace this design trend. 
Scarlet Shadows Blended Velvet Cushion Cover
Medieval Times Blended Velvet Cushion Cover
Mismatched Dining Chairs
This trend is for the insouciant, carefree home owner, who likes to break the rules and show their personality through design. Mismatched dining chairs add charm and personality to any normal dining room - rather than stress over changing the dining table and everything with it, which can be a pretty expensive endeavour, play around with the chairs instead, to add a dose of quirkiness to your room. A way to make this trend look elegant without being too kitschy is to choose chairs all in one colour story, even if their designs are entirely different. 

Midcentury Modern Dining Chair With Slatted
Modern Dining Chair With Slatted Back And Tight Cushion Seating

Modern Dining Chair With Armless Seat - White 
Modern Spindle Back Dining Chair With Contoured Seat 
There are so many more trends that we observed and loved in 2016, but this was a quick round-up of the ones we thought really stood out this year. We're excited to see what 2017 has in store for us. Happy Holidays, and here's to more trend spotting in the new year!


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