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In Part I of our series on Top Global Decorating Trends, we covered three important ones doing the rounds of homes around the world - Graphic Pillows, Geometric Tiles for Bathrooms and Tribal-Inspired Prints and Textures. In Part II of this series, we talk about products that incorporate materials such as wood, glass and metal in really brilliant ways. Take a peek at what's trending across the globe, and then make note of how Discern recommends bringing these looks into your own home. 

#Trend 1: Scandinavian-Inspired Design
The Scandinavian design style took the world by storm in 2015 and shows no signs of slowing down. The aesthetic finds deep roots in minimalism, with an emphasis on modernism further tied to functionalism. White, exposed wood and metal, adding to a sense of openness in a room, are hallmarks of Scandinavian design.

Scandinavian dining room design
Picture Courtesy - Divaani Blogit

According to Maithili Raut, Interior Designer at Red Architects, "The Scandanavian style is synonymous with a minimal, clutter-free, clean environment. You should not use it as a 'theme' for a single space; instead you need to imbibe the philosophy of Scandinavian living throughout the house. Get rid of things passed down by generations that you may have hoarded over the years. If you haven’t used something in the past six months, chances are you won’t need it ever. Colours should be introduced in small ways. The palette used should be neutral with interventions of colours and patterns through art, accessories and  furnishings. Scandinavian furniture is high in quality and craftsmanship so each piece should have room around it in order to be fully enjoyed and appreciated. Do not overcrowd the space."

Scandinavian living room design
Picture Courtesy - My Scandinavian Home

#Trend 2: Glass Furniture
As French architect Louis Rambert points out, a significant decor trend in Parisian stores is the gravitation toward glass furniture. The idea is to provide a sense of transparency by allowing the furniture pieces to take a back seat to the other accoutrements in the room. It also serves as an invisible illusion, by removing any impression of clutter. Glass furniture makes the room look bigger and adds to a greater sense of openness because of a clean continuous flow, perfect for smaller spaces. 


Glass Shelf
Picture Courtesy - Stardust

According to Behzad Kharas, Architect and Chairman & Managing Director of The BNK Group, "Glass furniture is a popular trend, and is seen especially in furniture like moulded-glass chairs. Glass is also used extensively for centre and side tables. With the use of back-painted glass, different styles of fitting prints and motifs on glass, you can accentuate both centre and side tables. Innovative use of glass can be seen in the areas of wall panelling, reflective ceilings and camouflaging details of doors and tables."

Glass Furniture
Picture Courtesy - The BKN Group

Glass Furniture
Picture Courtesy - The BNK Group

#Trend 3: Rosy Metallics 
Interior Designer Sarah Sham maintains that rosy metallics show no sign of slowing down in 2016, although copper is taking precedence as a clear favourite over brass. This look works particularly well for fixtures in bathrooms and kitchens, where they can be offset by more natural and rawer materials such as wood and marble. What is great about the rosy metallic theme is that it fits easily into both the minimalist as well the maximalist aesthetic.


rosy metallics
Picture Courtesy - Delorme Design

Raut says, "Rosy metallics need to be juxtaposed against a completely opposite, almost 'neutral textured' background for them to work well. In the picture below, see how we have tried to use the metallic colour sparingly through the upholstery of the single arm chairs and  fabric lamps against a rough, grey textured wall. Also seen is the metallic texture on the bathroom wall."

Scandinavian Decor Ideas
Picture Courtesy - Red Architects

Rosy Metallic Bathrooms
Picture Courtesy - Red Architects

That sums up Part II of our Top Global Decorating Trends of 2016 series. Watch this space for more inspiring decor news in Part III of our series, coming up soon. What do you think of this series, and the trends we've spoken about? We'd love to hear from you on Twitter and Instagram @DiscernLiving.

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