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Constantly inspired by what's trending across the world, we have put together our take on the Top 10 decorating trends currently seen around the globe. What's more, we've recommended how you can incorporate them into your own home. Here, we bring you our first part of the Global Design Trends series, where we focus on three interior decoration trends making waves among the decor community. Let's get to it, then!

#Trend1: Graphic Pillows
A major trend popping up around the world is that of graphic pillows. This nicely offsets the already predominant trend of minimalism. The cushions add not just a pop of colour to stark spaces, but also texture and a sense of easy fun to unadorned, plainly upholstered couches and chairs. 

Lynda D’Souza, interior designer and co-founder of Wilde North Interiors, a boutique design firm based out of Toronto says, "A sofa seems undressed without a couple of pretty cushions layered on it. While there are plenty of prints available in the market already, there should always be room for new designs and patterns. If you're looking for the perfect cushions to compliment your modern design scheme then look out for graphic prints, stripes or geometric prints. Sometimes, a contemporary space can come off as cold and a good way to soften the room is to introduce lots of texture through prints."

In a modern home, consider graphic-print cushions in shades of white and grey for a stunning yet understated vibe. For an ethnic home that has a more bohemian vibe, you can have as much fun as you'd like, using colourful cushions that will bring vibrancy to space. Suzani prints and Ikat or the current popular Kilim fabrics are perfect ways to achieve this. They come in a variety of shades with either a flat weave or heavily textured tapestry. Combining them with white allows the prints to stand out, giving the room a clean and fresh look without over-saturating it with colour. Gulmohar Lane has a suite of pretty Ikat cushions perfect for an eclectic home and The Label Life carries a range of graphic prints for a more modern look. 


Modern Living Room Sofa with Graphic pillows
Picture Courtesy - Residence Style

Living Room Interior Design Leather Sofa
Picture Courtesy - House of Hipsters

#Trend2: Geometric Tiles 
Geometric tiles are a big trend this year and are being seen especially in bathrooms. A departure from a traditionally monotone bathroom in white or any other neutral shade, a geometric tiled floor will bring an unexpected pulse of colour to your bathroom. 

According to Behzad Kharas, architect by profession, and Chairman and Managing Director of The BNK Group, “Geometric tiles have been inspired by Turkish / Moroccan influences of design. These tiles work best for bathrooms which are either eclectic or rustic. Examples of where this will work the best are in a spa as well as in your modern eclectic bathroom.” 

Modern Eclectic Bathroom with Geometric Tiles
Picture Courtesy - Michael Is Boyd

#Trend 3: Tribal-inspired Prints and Textures 
Show off your wanderlust with African-inspired textiles, accessories, and art in your home! These traditional, artisanal products will be a welcome addition to your home, whatever its style, adding a sense of personalisation and an indication of your interests. In an already overstuffed home, the items will add further dimension. In a minimal, sleek home, they will stand out as conversation pieces. 

Behzad Kharas says, "Tribal prints and textures can be best displayed in your living room in three ways: Create a wall panel behind a sofa with these prints; convert a print into a piece of art that you can frame and hang on your wall and last but not the least, use as fabric for curtains, sofa and as cushion covers. 

Living Room Interior Design with Prints and Textures
Picture Courtesy - All Interior Design
That brings us to the end of Part I of our Global Interior Design Trends Series. If you liked what we've compiled, or have other ideas and tips you'd like to share, give us a shout on Twitter and Instagram @DiscernLiving. 


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