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A living room is a space to entertain, socialize and spend time in, with your friends and family. It is important for such a space to reflect your personality and style while remaining comfortable and accessible. The Trendy Glam Living Room that the Discern Design Team created, is for someone who enjoys hosting parties and is designed for a modern, urban setting. The richness of the room is enhanced by the use of the color purple, which is known to represent royalty, and adds a touch of elegance and class. The furniture and colour palette all keep within the theme of a Trendy room with hints of glamour and sophistication.
The inspiration for this room comes from a mix of vintage glamour and modern, urban spaces. Although quite high voltage, the room still retains the comforts of a family home. The furniture is typified by high shine, luxurious pieces that are highly detailed, intricate and embellished. Classic pieces are reinterpreted with modern finishes such as high gloss PU, metal cladding, rich upholstery, glass, mirrors and so on. An easy way to achieve this look is to use fabrics like velvets and silks to upholster furniture, which immediately transports one to a very regal setting.
Lighting and accents are very important here. The idea is to create an environment that really makes you feel like you are in a high-glamour, incredibly majestic setting. The design concept behind this look relied on using symmetry to lay out the room - something that always appeals to the eye - and then accenting with glamorous pieces such as lighting and other decor. There is a nice mix of traditional and modern seen in this space - for example, the ceiling cornice and wall molding are more classic while the tables, lamps, and artwork are quite modern.

The three-seater sofa has a slightly vintage feel, which is complemented by the Art Deco-inspired side tables and minimalist lamps.

Colton Sofa - Black - Four Seater
Colton Sofa - Black - Four Seater - Shop Now 
 The purple armchairs are perfect for when company stops by and the center table converts into a bench for when the party gets going.
Larson Retro Armchair Gray Fabric
Larson Retro Armchair Gray Fabric - Shop Now
We love this hand-woven Messini rug from The Rug Republic, which is perfect for bringing some old school charm into an otherwise modern room.
Hand Woven Charcoal Wool Medanos Rug
Hand Woven Charcoal Wool Medanos Rug - Shop Now 
Handcrafted and made from solid wood, metal, and semi-soft foam. This deep,, hand tufted seating rests upon a black metal frame, which gives it a contemporary look.
Parsons Upholstered Coffee table
Parsons Upholstered Coffee table - Shop Now
Stick to this subdued color palette to ensure that the look remains consistent and indulgent. The slate and chocolate brown add sophistication and elegance while the antique gold provides the perfect amount of bling. Use purple sparingly as too much can take away from the glamorous feel.

Trendy glam colour palette
Antique Gold, Slate, Chocolate and Deep Purple



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