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The Discern Design Team is always hard at work, creating Discern-approved looks and renders that follow the guidelines of the Discern Style Guide. This bedroom in an urban Indian apartment is the perfect place for us to demonstrate the elements that go into a Trendy Glamour look, as dictated by our Bible - we mean - Style Guide! What makes this room delightful is its sense of symmetry and the materials used, that come together to give it a Trendy Glamorous look. This look brings you the effortless comfort of a hotel room while having all the functionalities and warmth of a modern home. It's easy to maintain, clutter-free, and a very organised space. It is suitable for someone who prefers the less-is-more approach towards home decor.  The walls are painted a neutral cream while the ceiling is detailed with an off-white cornice. We adore the repeated diamond motif on the wallpaper as it adds an easy, subtle elegance. The plush, gold silk curtains enhance the space and also reflect a lot of light into the room. The dark oak makes space both cosy and luxe. The Trendy Glamour style defines sophistication, polish and luxury. The furniture in this style is highly detailed and intricately designed and makes use of rich fabrics. The furniture employs materials ranging from high-gloss PU to metal cladding and leafing; silks and velvets; glass and mirrors; and so on. This is an effective way to achieve a grandly plush space. 

This space is best suited for those who prefer clean, clutter-free spaces. The design encourages the inhabitant to be organized and move around freely without fretting about over-crowding. The stylish mirror above the bed is the Golden Wall Mirror from Venetian Design. We love how this becomes the focal point of the room. The Engraved Metal Tables from The Yellow Door create quite the statement as they flank the foot of the bed. The Sanders Table Lamps are from The Jainsons Emporio and a pair of them enhance the mood lighting of the space. They are mid-century-inspired, blown-iron with copper powder coating and have a natural jute shade. We recommend you use them as an airy, elegant addition to the nightstands.

Golden Wall Mirror Vds-28

Golden Wall Mirror Vds-28 - Shop Now 


Sanders - Shop Now 

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 2.32.30 pm.png

Engraved Metal Table - Shop Now 

Enjoy bringing this look, or elements of it, into your own space. They are all arranged with a sense of symmetry, and a focus on textures and fabrics. 

 Color Pallet Modern Trendy Glamour.jpg

Recommended Color Palette (from left to right) - Slate, Chocolate, Paper Bag, Cement, Linen, Cool December 


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