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Do you always find yourself one step ahead of the pack when it comes to picking up on the hottest new trends and freshest designs in fashion, art and décor? Perhaps you love spending your time scrolling through designer’s newsfeeds and searching for what you believe will be the next big thing online. Trendy home décor is very similar to fashion in that it’s based on current trends but often has some deep-rooted historical significance. When you think about fashion trends, you’ll find that it can be quite cyclical with fashion from the 80s being in one season followed by a tribute to the 90s the next. Trendy interior design is great for young, dynamic people who enjoy keeping pace with what’s happening in the world around them. This type of décor is great to keep your mind moving so you always feel motivated and inspired.

trendy living room

Trendy Eclectic Living Room - Shop The Look

The roots of trendy home design began in the Industrial Revolution. Today we see pieces of this time in history being brought to the forefront with exposed brick, distressed wood, oxidized metal and a shabby chic aesthetic. One great thing about this sense of style is that it lends itself well to both commercial and residential spaces so if you’re thinking about doing up your office in a way that will attract eyeballs, this might be a good idea!

Within trendy home décor, there are a few variants that you can pick and choose from. The first one is glamorous design which looks exactly how it sounds. Think about over the top velvet sofas placed beside futuristic metal side tables topped with a piece of 18th century art. If you are someone who loves to be the centre of attention, enjoys bright and bold design and also entertains a lot; then this is one trend you might feel attracted to. Choose high-polish, high-impact pieces that are modern, contemporary yet eye-catching. Everything in your home can be a conversation starter!

trendy dining room

Trendy Glam Dining Room - Shop The Look

Another arm of trendy interior design is eclectic home décor which brings together a mélange of flavours to create something that is chic, stylish and intelligent. This is one space that our expert designers excel in as it’s quite difficult to put together a myriad of pieces from different time eras, influences and styles in a way that looks cohesive and attractive. Eclectic design is extremely flexible but very unforgiving. You can pair things like Chinese lanterns and an antique mahogany dining table; but if you don’t ensure the rest of your room nods to these styles, then you might find yourself amongst a mish mash of pieces that look beautiful individually but clash when together. There are no rules in eclectic design so choose pieces that you love but do think about at least a few common themes that can run through your space such as size, colour and shape.

trendy bedroom design

Trendy Bedroom - Shop The Look

When you like to live life kind-sized then it’s only natural that your home should be fit for royalty, which is exactly what trendy interior design can achieve. If you’re unsure about how to tackle this décor style, get in touch with us to let us help you create the home of your dreams.

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