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Rain & Peacock is a home and lifestyle brand inspired by the unique cultures of the world, which brings together global design, modern furniture and art from all over the globe. Founders Surbhi and Dhruv Kapoor set up the brand because of their love for design and joint desire to share their travel discoveries with like-minded people. Surbhi is the creative side of the brand while Dhruv provides the focus on practicality and functionality. With a wide range of handpicked furniture and art, Rain & Peacock aims to be a treasure trove of beautiful things.
Surbhi and Dhruv Kapoor

India is a rapidly expanding market and for Rain & Peacock that has been very exciting. “It has been very satisfying as we believe as we are in the market of 'self-expression.' India is changing dramatically and for the first time, we are seeing the rise of the individual. We feel that we are riding this growing wave of individual self-expression which gives individuals the means to make choices that signal to the world their sense of being, and their style.” At Rain & Peacock, the ordinary is overlooked and the focus is on unique interpretations of the everyday. This shows through the branding and aesthetic of the products. According to Surbhi, “all our products tell a story which we then try to showcase on our website and social media channels.” 

Rain & Peacock 

When looking to find a way to put their design ethos out into the world, the couple found a gap in the market. “We feel that the world is getting standardized by multinational global companies and individuality is simply getting squeezed out.” This is one of the downsides of globalization and can be felt as easily as when walking through a shopping mall in Shanghai or Bangalore. The brand aims to carry the banner of unique and interesting style, which appeals to the quirky side of their customers. The brand does not carry any bulk stock which means that when a consumer purchases an item, they may be buying the only one available! 

Beach Play

Beach Play

Shy Me

Shy Me

Dip Me Aqua Light - Brown, White

Dip Me Aqua Light - Brown, White

Offering a huge collection of furniture, lighting, textiles and décor, Rain & Peacock is the perfect place to find pieces that complement your home and your personality. Shop these products and more from the Discern Living app (Available now on the Google Play Store or iOS App Store)!




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