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What if we told you about a furniture brand that is funky, utilitarian and totally customisable? Square Barrel does not believe in going with the flow but rather creates pieces that are out of the ordinary yet functional. When Shikha Barasia, an interior designer by trade, told her husband Pratik about her idea to start a brand that was completely unique but fun and practical, he jumped on board. Pratik had been wanting to start something new and was excited by the notion of joining Shikha on her journey of turning her funky furniture ideas into a real business. Shikha’s grandfather and uncle began The Great Eastern Home, which is known for antiques and period furniture. Growing up around The Great Eastern Home, Shikha was always attuned to the furniture space; she was passionate about design but did not want to be another player in an already saturated market and so she started thinking out of the box. Her thinking is reflected by Square Barrel's ethos, as the website itself asks, “Who says a barrel should be round?”
Square Barrel Shikha and Pratik Barasia
Shikha & Pratik Barasia

Using this energy of curiosity and the aesthetics of modern design, Shikha first designed the Zulu Mirror Cabinet, which received a great deal of positive feedback along with advice and suggestions on how to move forward. This inspired Shikha to take the designs she had kept only in her head, and translate them into a business. “Square Barrel is a niche brand, but we offer options to
customise pieces giving customers a free hand to express their tastes and make a piece 100% their own” says Shikha. Pratik adds, “we believe that a piece of furniture has to be completely functional and useful while still being aesthetically pleasing. We also try to keep the need of the market in mind, something that has inspired our Rubik’s Cube Side Tables. Living in a city like Mumbai, you realise the importance of storage, so these pieces not only function as tables but have storage space for cushions, books or toys.”

 Rubik's Cube Side Table

Rubik's Cube Side Table - Shop Now 

The couple draws inspiration from art and on closer inspection, every piece on the website seems to have some sort of reference back to art. Their influences are as varied as pop art, tribal art and modern art which keeps the furniture fresh and interesting. Everything Square Barrel creates makes a statement. The products serve as conversations starters that will add a sense of personality and quirkiness to your home while still being useful. Pratik and Shikha are continuously adding to their repertoire and constantly exploring new avenues of inspiration. This is something they are seeing with their customers as well. “People are becoming bolder with their choices and are more willing to try something new in their homes. They are willing to experiment with a room and have that one off-beat piece that stands out and gets people talking,” responds Shikha when asked about current market trends. “More and more young couples are moving into homes of their own and creating spaces for themselves that are youthful and fun. Square Barrel furniture works well in these kinds of spaces and that’s where we see the most demand” adds Shikha.

Abacus Console

Abacus Console - Shop Now 

Polka Dot Chairs

Polka Dot Chairs - Shop Now 

Lounge Chairs

Lounge Chairs - Shop Now 

If you are a youthful, creative, quirky individual looking for that one statement piece to really tie your room together, Square Barrel is just the place for you. They have collections of consoles, cabinets, seating, tables and accents that you can customise and truly make your own. Go on, wear your personality on your sleeve and maybe even on your sofa. 

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