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Discerning means ‘having or showing good judgement’. Selective. Tasteful. Refined.

This is what the founder of Discern Living, Gautam Kitchlu and his wife Kajal, stand for. It reflects in their tastes and the quality of work they produce. Discern Living is all about taking a space and transforming it. About understanding what you like and giving you more of that. And even if you don’t fully understand what you like, of giving you that space to experiment on the website and figure it out! Their unique designing sensibility takes interior designing up a few notches and makes Discern Living a super exciting hub of creativity. To share with you their individual takes on ‘being discerning’, we asked them a few questions, hoping it might inspire you to take the plunge and give your space a re-haul!

What does being discerning mean to you?
Kajal:“Picking the best from the options available to someone is, being discerning to me. Also, sticking to a point of view while making it work for you.”

Gautam:“Being discerning means being able to distinguish between what is appealing to the senses and what is not. We are constantly exposed to so many options in food, drink, objects, situations etc and instinctively we do follow a process of elimination to make choices. I feel being discerning means different things to different people, but as your tastes & preferences evolve, you find yourself saying no to more things than you say yes to.”

What is one thing you would be most discerning about when you design a space?
Kajal: “Organisation and storage is key for me. I like to put things away and have a designated space for each thing. That would be my number one criteria while doing up a space. Also, I like my home looking minimal, light and contemporary. I am not a fan of panelled walls or mixing materials etc.”

Gautam: “I feel the choice of materials is very important for any space. Materials, along with color and texture definitely define the feel of a space and generally guides all other elements. To give an example, using marble for flooring vs tile or veneer vs laminate or high gloss lacquer vs paint changes the entire look, feel & vibe of a space.”

What is the first thing you notice when you enter someone’s house?
Kajal: “When I enter someone’s house, I notice how personal they’ve made it. Pieces of art and decor that make it their home, tell their story and the overall style of a home speaks volumes about the host. I notice powder bathrooms and kitchens quite a bit as well. Interesting light options- lamps, statement pieces catch my attention as well.”

Gautam: “Air & light is very important to me. I always look for cross-ventilation & open spaces such a terraces and balconies for those lucky enough to have them. Another important element is the lighting of a space. I don't like direct bright light and tend to prefer to use of cove lighting, dimmable lights and table lamps. Mixing these together one can create a great mood be it for an intimate dining setting or lounging in the living room with your family.”

What are a few small changes in an already-designed space that you would suggest to change its look and feel?
Kajal: “Changing upholstery, curtains and maybe experimenting with wall papers would be a great quick fix. And if the place is already well done, maybe art and decor would change the feel of a place instantly.”

Gautam:“There are several small changes one can make in an existing space. For example, consider putting a wooden floor in your enclosed balcony area to demarcate your living room and your sit-out zone. Use a mirror panel on a wall that reflects a beautiful view to add an interesting dimension to your room. Throw colorful cushions on your sofas and beds to add color pops and brighten up your interiors. Paint one wall in a room with an interesting color and texture or use wallpaper to transform the personality of your space.”

With the founders bringing their own personality and ‘discerning’ design style into each space they design, the product is always thoughtful and interesting. To get a taste of the newly hitched couple’s aesthetic, check out #Kitched, luxury cushion covers curated by Gautam & Kajal themselves - available exclusively on the Discern Living website. To take their commitment to making your space as perfectly personalised for you, they take you a step further and help you discover your own design aesthetic! Take a super quick Style Quiz on their website to help you understand what kind of designing you love most - Modern, Ethnic, Classic or Trendy! Then sit back and watch Discern Living take over and magic happen.


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